24 07 2014


The humidity is gone and its a delightful day.  Chris and I have moved fencing and the sheep will enjoy weeding for me today.  This is a project that I have wanted to do for such a long time thank goodness for Chris, it didn’t take long at all.   My plan is to get more fencing and when they are done eating this area I will plant a clover,grass mix for their enjoyment an erosion control..


image (1)




The  rug is coming along nicely, and the people at the market are interested in its progress.  I did dye Elliott’s yarn with Pro-Chem Lavender and it came out this wonderful bluish/purple.  I think it will really make the border stand out.


While cleaning the attic on the cooler days of last week I found this notebook.  My Grandfather must have done it.  Inside it was obituary notices of my great, great, great Uncle Samuel Utley who was a judge in Worcester.  I learned so much about him and his good works.  He graduated in 1867 from Harvard Law School and was the 55th descendent of Lt. Co.Thomas Knowlton a Revolutionary War Hero.    I am so glad this book was not lost and can now be passed on.

image (33)


image (32)



Samantha has been having a tough time.  Morticia is done being a Mom and want to be with her friends Hazel, Mrs. Brown and Milly.  If Samantha goes in with them they pick on her .  I have decided the best thing to do is to go down to the CHicken Man’s house tonight and get another hen around Samantha’s age.  I will put her in tonight and leave Mortica with her friends.  It will be good forSamantha to have a friend anyway.  Two is always better on the bottom of the pecking order.   Eventually they will all be together.

The roosters are crowing and getting much better at it.  They have adjusted nicely.

I have been having some trouble with word press but I think that it’s all solved now so I will be blogging more.   SO much is happening now on the farm.  Many thanks for reading my blog, hope your day is lovely.  Carole






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