21 07 2014



Yesterday was overcast here and the temps were good.  A great day for making Salve.

image (31)

 The salve smelled great even before I added a some drops of lavender essential oil.  It had been brewing for 3 months.  Today I will make up another batch and set it in the sun to infuse and make it up in late September.

image (34)


image (21)

One of my blueberry plants has a good number of berries on it.  It happens that Lil just loves blueberries and I wanted to show her where they come from.  Well she would have eaten every one and was so delighted that she could just pick them and pop them into her mouth.


Chris and I have been moving fence almost every day so the sheep get a little fresh grass.  There is another big area that I can fence in but there are some plants  that I have to investigate first.  SOme plants make sheep very sick.  In a big field they would avoid them but where there is not a lot of grass they might eat them.  I can’t take that chance so I will seek out some advice before that area is fenced in.

image (9)

So far I have filled up 7 bags of kindling from broken branches and trimming of large shrubs.  I hope to get at least 20 bags done and that may last through the wood heating season.  The town will be cutting a tree down across the street from my house, I hope I can get the wood from that tree, that will be a big help this winter.  There are two tracts of land in back of me one is a 5 acre parcel and the other a 6 acre parcel.  At some point I hope I can buy the 5 acre parcel and have some trees cut and increase the area for my sheep, planting some good grasses in it.  All will have to be done by hand because it’s very rocky but 100 years ago it was pasture so I know its doable.

All the flowers and roses have overgrown the path to the back yard.  I have been putting up old fence posts and tieing bailing twine on them to hold them back.  Its working well and the pathway is much clearer.

image (11)


Yesterday my son found this poor little baby bird on the chicken fence.  It was crying and its tail feathers were just coming in.  It held onto my finger with all its might and was calling and calling for its parents., meanwhile a neighbors cat was hovering around the area.  My Son put it on a branch and we walked away watching it and then its parents came and fed it.  I am sure it fine.  This year  there are so many birds nesting here and visiting the farm.  I am sure a lot of it has to do with permaculture.  The land and the plants on it are so good now.  Plenty for them  to eat. The songs in the mornings and evenings are so delightful.  I would like to record them for wintertime listening.

photo_1 (1)

Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightful summer day.  please visit the farm again.  Carole



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