9 07 2014



A couple of days ago I had an errand in Shelburne Falls and on my way home there was Mrs. Turkey right in the middle of the road like a crossing guard.  Watching to make sure her ten children got safely into the woods.  When her job was done she followed her brood into the woods.  Its everyday happenings like this that make you grateful to be alive.  If only I had brought my camera!


I do believe I would take the prize for having the largest stash.  I am finding more and more wool, handspun yarn and unfinished projects.  I found this very long warp that I was going to make more rugs with.



 I have already made 2- 4 footers from  some similar warp.    I also found a box of handspun yarn, enough to make a vest out of land maybe some mittens and a hat.  I need to find the time to do all these things.  The warp is being unwound and I am going to crochet a rug out of it.


We have been having violent thunderstorms and downpours almost every day.



 An old farmer friend of my son’s said that he has never seen the likes of these powerful storms in all his life.



 Global warming at work.  The river is still running fast and is still very muddy from a few days ago.  Its now hot and humid again.  Good for  growing tomatoes.

Many thanks for reading my blog today, I am leaving you with a picture of some young calves on the way home from getting hay.  Carole








4 responses

10 07 2014
Anne Wilson

What a shame you didn’t have your camera with you for the Turkey shot, I normally have mine in the car but you can bet your bottom dollar that the one unusual shop is the one when I have left the camera at home.

10 07 2014

I always leave my camera on my desk but didn’t grab it. too bad. Today I saw a lone wolf on my way to get hay had my camera but when it saw me it was gone.

10 07 2014

a wolf? I didn’t think se had wolves around here…coyotes, foxes, bears….wolves too?!

10 07 2014
Eliza Waters

The adventures of country living! These storms are quite unusual, I agree, but it seems like ALL the weather we’ve been having lately is unusual, yes? Climate change. It is nice that it rains at night and leaves us sunny days. At least the garden is watered.

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