27 06 2014


Beautiful clouds and a view to New Hampshire

Beautiful clouds and a view to New Hampshire


We had lots of rain the night before last.4.65 inches here in Colrain 4.95 inches the nearby town of Heath.  We did need rain but not the heavy rain we got last night.  The barn was totally flooded and all the downstairs coops need to be mucked out yesterday and refreshed.  The rain washed  at least a foot of mud from hill down in the trough I dug and then the water flowed through the barn.  Chris mucked out most of the barn while  Ricky  put the fan up to help dry it out and he made Pasta sauce for supper.  Yesterday was a long clean-up day.


We started cleaning the attic Wednesday.  I love the fact that things will finally be organized there with marked boxes and things that I don’t want  will be given or thrown away.  In a Christmas bag in one of the boxes was a pair of slippers which my Mom had given me many years ago.  I took them out of the bag and an envelope slipped out.  A treasure from my Mom.   My Mom loves getting presents but  sometimes the presents she would get for family members were way out there, these would have gotten recycled.  I am glad that I finally looked in the bag because the real treasure was the envelope in the bag.  My Mom’s Mom was  great crocheting, even with severe arthritis in her hands she kept going .Everyone in the family got pillow cases with crocheted edges.  I still have a few of them.  In the envelope was edgings that were made.


 And on the envelope were instructions from My Mom on how to put them on.


 A priceless small gift from the past.


I had never seen a Turkey Vulture until I moved to Maryland.  Wednesday while taking a back way home from Greenfield, Ricky and I spotted one on the side of the road.  We were lucky enough to get some good shots of him.


  They are one of those animals that are ugly/cute.  They have a job to do and seem to do it well.  I am so glad that we were able to see this wonderful creature close up.

Many thanks for reading my blog, visit us at The Shelburne Falls Farmers Market today if you can and tomorrow and Sunday at Johnson Hill Lavender Fest in Buckland..  Hope your day is wonderful.  Carole

An organic dairy farm nearby.

An organic dairy farm nearby.



4 responses

27 06 2014
Mary Jane

Wow, that crocheted edging is lovely, what a surprise treasure!

29 06 2014
Anne Wilson

What a lovely surprise to find the crochet edging, what will you use it for?
I agree with you about the vultures, they may not be the most beautiful bird in the world but they are still cute and are very important in the eco system.

30 06 2014

I don’t know what I will do with the crocheted edging. I was going to e-mail you one of the white chicks, the oldest got his tail feathers today. No crowing yet but that will come soon. I will separate the Mom and Hen this coming week and leave the boys where they are. I have a portable coop that I have put on lay away and will have Chris put it together in the upper barn and they will live near the sheep this winter. Hope all is well with you and you got some rain.

30 06 2014
Anne Wilson

Yes we had thirty six hours of rain on and off but it did the garden good, it also filled up our rain harvesting barrels so we are OK for water for a few weeks, I could even do the washing without worrying that we would run out of water.

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