23 06 2014


It’s another gorgeous day and the boys will be coming down from their annual trip to Montreal today.  I hope to get the downstairs of the barn cleaned out and the attic done while they are both here.  Ricky will go to Eagle Hill a week from today.


When I was a child we always had these growing in our yard.  Now I have a small patch of them.  They look a lot like weeds but their delicate flowers are beautiful.


 I will use them for fall decorations.

These along with pussy willows, the winterberry, bittersweet and Sweet Annie are things I love for the fall , winter and spring decorating.  They are expensive to buy but cost so little to plant.  Now I have them with just a short walk in the yard.     

     When I first moved in here I made lists of things that I wanted to have on the property.  Nut trees, strawberries. blueberries, grapes, a few apple trees, peaches and raspberries.  I have all of them just not in the quantity I need for a full year of eating.  I am working on that goal and in a few years I think that the goal will be met.  

Things change  every year. The strawberries didn’t like where I planted them and moved themselves so I have found a good spot which they like and I plan to plant more,  next year.  The apple tree that the workmen broke is slowly coming back and I think it will recover, although the production of apples will be another few years off at least.


Yesterday was my last hooking class till fall.  I was so inspired when I saw their rugs.


 Each made changes which made the rug truly theirs.


Their excitement and enthusiasm was contagious.  I so enjoyed passing the art of rug hooking to them.


My June issue of Country Living came several weeks ago.


 There was a wonderful article about my favorite potter Emma Bridgewater.  I was lucky enough to be given a cup and saucer by a friend some years ago.  Sadly cups and saucers aren’t made much anymore just mugs.  Then I saw a full-page ad about visiting Massachusetts. Good job Mass tourist industry.  It was so well done.


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole





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25 06 2014
Anne Wilson

How hardy are the Chinese Lanterns? I have some growing in a pot, plants given to me by a friend, they are blooming well. Like you I remember them from childhood.

25 06 2014

We have temps here in the winter of 10 to 20 below with snow cover, they are hardy here. I think you could plant them in the soil and they would come up on the spring. I always leave a few lanterns on them for seeds for the following year. I only planted the seeds once. Hope all is well with you.

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