22 06 2014





Joe called after 8 yesterday morning and said he was haying and if I wanted some to come up and let him know.


The best hay comes from those fields.  Joe takes tender loving care of them. They belong to my friend Lynn and my sheep spent some wonderful years on those fields.  We called it summer camp for  sheep.

The sheep sheltered under the evergreen trees for years

The sheep sheltered under the evergreen trees for years

They would go up in May and come back in October.  For that period they enjoyed fresh pasture.  There has been lots of exciting events associated with their summer camp.  One in particular was when I went up to give them water one morning and found Lottie’s noses covered with quills.  She was a curious sheep  and although the fence was electrified she was close enough to the porcupine to get quilled.  I still have those quills.  My friend Ceacy and I took them out with pliers and as usual Lottie was so good about it.  After I realized how lucky I was that none had gotten into her mouth or eyes.  When the grass on the pasture was scarce Lottie would jump the fence and go down to Lynn’s back door to let her know.  Lynn would run for grain and Lottie would walk into the kitchen..  She really would have liked to live in the house!



It was twilight last night when my Son saw a fox near the side chicken yard.  The fox saw him and ran into the woods.  I know there are foxes here and have seen many of them but this close to my chickens was unnerving. I may have to fence in that whole area.  The Chickens were in the caravan for the night at that time.  It does make me rethink security.

June is a big birthday month in my family.  Starting out with my Grandson Dylan, then Charlie, Grand daughter Tea,  my Cousin Gary and my neighbor Christa.  Even though my Grandfather used to say the best people are born in October I think June  has great people born in it too.

Yesterday was another perfect summer day.  Cooling breezes and beautiful clouds.  Joe got over 1000 bales of hay on that field and all  but 350 or so bales  picked up by grateful people.  Good hay is hard to come by.  I got 10.  My little car can handle 5 bales.   Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you enjoy the day.   Carole






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