16 06 2014


It’s a beautiful day here in Colrain.  A cooling breeze this morning and temps close to 80 this afternoon.

I spent a good part of yesterday planting seeds and some of the flowers from Susan.


 When the boys come we will be adding some fencing to the sheep’s entrance.  Lots of great grass has grown there and they can enjoy that as an addition to their daily hay.  It will be a slow process.  I will fence it in by 2 feet increments and only allow them to eat after breakfast and only for an hour.   Sheep are susceptible to over eating disease and I certainly don’t want that to happen.  It will be a nice treat from the hay.



This old house had been neglected for so many years that when I bought it and through the last 15 years that I have lived here I have had to do tons of repair.  The cement work was done and a new chimney was put up this spring and  windows that have needed replacing since I moved in are being replaced today.  My insurance company has made me replace them or they would cancel me.  I wasn’t going to do the windows because there are more pressing things that I would like to see done.  But I was assured that they would cancel me and I would not be able to get insurance elsewhere.  They also made me replace some boards on the porch which honestly didn’t need replacing.  They mentioned a cap on the chimney but never noticed that the whole chimney needed replacing.    I now equate insurance companies with cock roaches.  Invading your privacy and eating up all your money.  Oh well I will enjoy all the lovely breezes that come through these windows and enjoy more warmth in the winter from energy-efficient windows.  Sounds of Mama and the babies will fill the dining room too.



Minnie has an appointment with the Vet tomorrow.  She is not herself.  She is due for blood work to see if there is enough medication in her system.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful day. Carole



2 responses

17 06 2014
Anne Wilson

I do hope Minnie is OK, she was doing so well.

17 06 2014
Eliza Waters

It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it? More humidity tomorrow though. I like your window framing your photo and hope Minnie feels better soon.

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