10 06 2014



The Rugosa Roses are in Bloom.  This year I am going to save any petals that drop for a rose potpourri that I hope to make in the fall.  My plants are tall and gangly so I will have to trim them this year sometime.  I have to walk by them to go to the side yard coops and the smell of the blooms are delightful.


This picture is from The West Branch River which runs through the town of Colrain.  It is a river of much activity in the summer months with families cooling off in it and fishing almost every month of the year.  It runs into The Deerfield River .


The Baby Chicks.

My friend Anne from Ireland, a chicken expert thinks the two white and black chicks are roosters and I expect that she is right.  They were acting the part the other day.  I will separate them in a month or so.   Morticia and Sammy will go out in the side yard in the same area as Mrs. Brown, Hazel and Milly but will be separated for a  brief time so they have a chance to familiarize themselves to each other.  I have a dog house which I converted and will set that up in the yard.  The two roosters will stay in the coop that they are in for the summer.  Then they will be moved into a coop that I am in the process of purchasing  which will be put in the upstairs of the barn for the winter.


Egg production has been splendid so far this spring.  Most of my hens are over 5 so I consider myself very lucky.


My Sammy is at Brookside ANimal Hospital.  He is suffering from end Kidney failure.  They are doing their very best in hopes that he can come back home.  He was dehydrated and his temp was low.  I have had him for almost 18 years.  He has been there for me in the most troubling times of my life.  Always near me, a rock in a stormy sea. The thoughts of him not being with me are inconceivable but with todays diagnosis I know this will happen.  I am hoping that we have a little more time. I will know more tomorrow.




Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole



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10 06 2014

So sorry ton hear that Sammy is having such a hard time. I hope he can come home for awhile so you can at least say goodbye. It is so hard to lose a friend after 18 years. thinking of you.

10 06 2014

Thank you Patti. Its a shame Dr. COnnor is leaving isn’t it. I hope he can come home tomorrow. I miss him.

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