5 06 2014



Last night i went too night check the front coop.  Every night someone seems to be in another place and I will have to find her.  There were 9 hens and Murphy in the front coop.  Last night I only found 8 and Little Lucy has passed away in the corner.



 She was the last of the Golden Comet, a hybrid bird.  I will never get anymore of these.  They are bred to be egg machines and don’t live a long life.   Lucy was Hester’s sister.  She was bossy and bold and had to live apart from her sister because of it.  IN the last year she became less bossy as more hens entered the group. Her life was good.  She laid very large eggs which I think took its toll on her.  She will be missed.


II have been following A Way to Garden on Facebook, by Margaret Roach.   Yesterday she wrote about a book on Bumble Bees.  I read the article on them and found it so interesting that I want to get the book.  The book is called Bumble Bee’s of North America an Identification Guide by Leif Richardson, Princeton Press.  Bumble Bee’s have always been a curiosity to me.  The seem much calmer than other bee’s, they don’t chase you as some bee’s do, they just go about their business.

I didn’t know that they were annuals.  All bee’s in the Bumble Colony die each year except the mated females which overwinter.   THey tend not to be aggressive.  I am hoping to get this book, it’s a must read for gardeners everywhere.




I visited The Farm Stand today to get my tomato and pepper plants.  I got a variety of tomatoes and 6 peppers.l  I found out what I have been doing wrong with the peppers I have been planting.  I was planting them in the same manure rich soil as the tomatoes and they don’t need soil that rich.  I may get another 6 pepper plants.  . I did buy one thyme plant and 6 basil plants and will plant lots of basil seeds this coming weekend.  I use a lot of basil in soups, and sauces during the winter and almost ran out of dried this past winter.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a lovely day.  Carole





2 responses

5 06 2014

So sorry about Lucy. It is always sad to lose one of your girls. She may have been bred to be an egg laying machine, but her quality of life was much better than that at Whispering Pines. The bumble bee book sounds interesting. I have always liked bumble bees.

5 06 2014

I am glad that I was able to give her and her sister a home. They were both such interesting gals. I like Bumble Bee’s too.

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