20 05 2014




It’s a chilly morning herE on the farm.  In the 40′.  The cold gets a grip on this cement house and doesn’t want to let go.  As soon as the kitchen is cleaned up from the chicks I can start a fire in the wood stove to take the chill off.

 There has been a Salmonella scare for folks that recently bought chicks.  One hatchery in particular.  I don’t know what the outcome would be as they get older.  Can it be treated?  Yes $75. for a test and then a vet’s visit and a shot. Was the hatchery not careful?  I am grateful that I haven’t bought any chicks this year.  It’s a real worry when getting any new animal.  Cats, chickens, sheep all have particular problems which could affect the rest of your animals.  I will keep you posted.


They didn’t know today would be such a big day.  They went into their new home this morning.  Mama was showing them all the ropes.  On this farm its a wonder that I get anything done.  I could sit and watch the animals for hours.  

Mama telling them where the water is.

Mama telling them where the water is.

The day is over and they have been busy.  Mama is exhausted teaching them so many new things today.  SHe hopped up into the nest box and there were screams from the babies.  Each one is settled in near or under Mama tonight in the nest box.  I bet tomorrow they will try and figure out how to get in themselves.


Nighty Night

Nighty Night

  When watching Morticia teaching them things it makes one reflect on how much my parent taught me.  I am extremely grateful to both of my parents for giving me such a good upbringing.  Its hard work bringing up children.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today I hope your day was enjoyable.   Carole






4 responses

21 05 2014
Eliza Waters

Love reading about the chickens – they are addictive! Such lovely tulips at Sadie’s place.

21 05 2014

I have enjoyed having them, they are so much fun to watch. Each day is a wonder to them. HOpefully there will be some beautiful flowers in Sadie’s place this summer. I do miss her a lot.

23 05 2014
Eliza Waters

It is sad they live such a short time. I still miss my special ones from time to time. But at least they still live on in our hearts. 🙂

21 05 2014
Kellie from Indiana

I get very happy when passing a property and see chickens roaming around. Some day I know I will have them as well. I would have a hard time not watching them all day!

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