17 05 2014



I made the hearts yesterday and they will be drying for a couple of weeks.  They are very popular for small gifts.




They are so funny and getting quite colorful now.  

New feathers coming in.

NEW feathers coming in.



I picked up some organic tomato plants yesterday at Greenfield Farmers Co-op and got them in today.


 Great weather for planting, a nice rain coming down.

Murph decided to watch the girls from inside today, He isn't fond of rain.

Murph decided to watch the girls from inside today, He isn’t fond of rain.

 I planted two by the driveway and two by the steps.  I would like to get my string beans in this week but with the show coming up next weekend  I don’t know if that’s possible.




I found this on you tube and thought it was a great idea.  What a great way to use those windows I have in the barn.   A nice greenhouse for keeping tomatoes longer or an entry way for my back door.  I think they probably would be more suitable for the greenhouse.  While living in Maryland I would have to drive by this house on my way to work and it had those types of door as a sort of temporary entrance to their house.  They used three doors 1 on each side and 1 as for the actual door.  They were probably hinged together.  I know something like that would keep a lot of cold air from entering my kitchen.  Its something I have wanted to do here and I will put it on my summer list.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope that you had a wonderful day.     Carole







2 responses

17 05 2014
Kellie from Indiana

The cranberry hearts turned out pretty! We have had a week of rain, and cloud, and downright cold weather. Have not been able to set any of my plants grown from seed yet outside, except for the cold weather vegs that is. It has just been too cold. After the hardest winter, this relapse was real depressing. I injured my back anyway so I guess I am free of guilt for not being able to get any work done. Just knitting and hand stitching allowed.

17 05 2014
Eliza Waters

It is amazing how fast the chicks grow and so cool to witness them from egg on out. Thanks for sharing your days with us.

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