4 05 2014



Yesterday I had three wonderful ladies at the class.   Each one made a skein of plyed yarn at the end of class.  They each had a little knowledge of spinning and took home part of a white and dark fleece to wash



.  There were loads of interesting questions and the time just flew by.


She continues to improve, her coat is so much better she is happier and eating without coaxing.  She is perky and talkative its a delight  to have her doing so well



Today I spent some time dyeing fleece.  SHeep and SHawl SHop have sold all my dyed fleece..  It was dyed with red and yellow and a few pinches of blue.  I love how it came out.


I packaged up some of the Oatmeal Soap today.  I will have to make another 2 batches of it, sometime this week.


I worked outside today for the first time this spring.  I removed the three hay bales that was against the kitchen wall.  I won’t do that next year as it encourages rodents.   I spread out the hay on pathways.  The tulips are up and some are ready to bloom.  Its windy and will be cool tonight.  Rain showers on an off all day so laundry was not hung out.  I have a clothesline full for tomorrow.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you had a delightful day.   Carole & Minnie





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5 05 2014
Eliza Waters

Good news about Minnie. Love the dyed fleece – so pretty! Don’t forget your eye protection when you make the soap 😉 Those packaged bars look great. All ready for the festival!

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