3 05 2014



The tests came back and the news is good.  Minnie has hyper-thyroid.   Her metabolic rate is super high which is causing undo stress on her heart and kidneys.  She will be on medication like Sam twice a day for the rest of her life.  It might take a little while to get everything straightened out but its an excellent. outcome.  She will put on weight, have more energy and feel good.   SHe will still need some fluids while her body adjusts to the medication.  I am still smiling from Doctor Funk’s call. 

Her first pill with baby food.  SHe ate it all.

Her first pill with baby food. SHe ate it all.


Tomorrow is my second spinning class at SHeep and Shawl.  I have 3 students which is a great number.  I will be bringing my new wheel.  I will have another class in the Fall and one during the Winter months.

I did more wool skirting today, it seems like a never-ending project.  I also made two kinds of soap.  Mint Surprise and bergamot.   Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a wonderful day.   Carole






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3 05 2014

Hi Carole,
What kind of wheel did you get?
Does your vet offer the new Hyperthyroid food? We have had great success with this at Mill Valley. It’s called YD and is made by Hills Science Diet. Available in canned and dry. Cats that are on this do not need medication. The only downfall would be you could not let any of your other cats eat it since it is lacking in the iodine needed in a normal cat’s diet.

3 05 2014

Hi Renee
Yes he did talk about it but with the chance of cats getting into the room the pills were a better choice, I certaint was worried she was 6.5 pounds last week and 6.2 pounds yesterday. Can’t remember whensammy started the pills but it was when we were sill going to belcher town and he is doing well. He will be 18 in August.
Hope to see you at the show.

3 05 2014

I have another ash ford traveler it’s hand painted with Celtic designs. I bought it from my friend jane.

3 05 2014
Mary Jane

so glad you got good news about Minnie!

3 05 2014

It was the best news I could get.

4 05 2014
Anne Wilson

That’s great news on Minnie.

4 05 2014

She has already Gaines a little weight and is talking again and active. Thanks for your good wishes

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