The Newbury Coat

29 04 2014

I hope you will enjoy this and please scroll down to see the coat being made on you tube. Enjoy the day Carole


Now we have had a few days of exploring how wool is processed – both domestically and commercially – we thought it would be amazing to showcase a very special project which brings all that processing together! In 2011 the Kennet Valley Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers undertook a historic recreation project, based on a wager that was made in 1811, and a more recent record that was set in 1991. The idea with all three projects was to make a coat in less than 24 hours, starting with shearing the sheep!

Linda Scurr – whose wonderful 100-skeins project we heard about earlier in the month – has kindly answered all WOVEMBER’s questions about the re-making of The Newbury Coat, and has sent us some wonderful photos taken by Dennis Walker, so that you can learn about the most recent chapter in this historic sheep-to-garment tale.

To set…

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2 responses

29 04 2014
Louise G. de tonnancour

Fascinating!!! Thanks Carole! Louise 

29 04 2014
    Glad you liked it Louise, just finishing up your delicious date squares.

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