26 04 2014


Yesterday didn’t turn out like expected at all.  First Elliott was supposed to be sheared in the morning, he has a rash so I called the Shearer and he will do it another time.  I called the vet and he was going to come but he had to cancel because of many emergencies and will come on MOnday.  Then I called the sheep Shearer Steve and he came at 1pm..

It was an enormous help having Chris here.  They were able to come up with a set up that worked very easily.  The sheep were locked up in one area and Steve would go out and collect one and Chris would watch the gate.  It was a smooth operation.

The wool is beautiful in spite of the rough winter and the late shearing.  The following are pictures of Shearing Day, hope you enjoy them.  Poor Marley in spite of being the bully here on the farm he was heard grinding his teeth like mad (this is a sign of stress in sheep but he is the only sheep that I have ever had that does this) and cried like a baby while getting sheared.  Of course as soon as he grows his wool he will be back to his old self!



Maude was the first.  She is an easy-going sheep.  Being a Shearer is a hard job.  You have to have lots of strength to flip a sheep.

Marley trying to be invisible.

Marley trying to be invisible.


Carol K is glad that she is done.


Poor Marley crying like a baby.  It’s hard to believe he is a bully now!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this rainy spring day.  Hope your day is wonderful.  Carole



2 responses

26 04 2014
Eliza Waters

Wow, hot & sweaty work! Everyone looks good sporting their new spring look!

27 04 2014

Good Morning
It was a great day and things went smooth which is not always the case. Next will be Elliott. It always feels good to have spring cleaning of the barn and the sheep sheared. Today I am starting to skirt the fleeces and then the dark ones are off to Green Mountain for yarn.

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