17 04 2014





We had snow overnight.  Just a dusting and it was gone by mid afternoon.  The next couple of mornings will be cold and then we will get back to springtime temps.  I had to break ice on the sheep’s water this morning.


Minnie is much better today although she is still not eating much.  We went back to the vets today and had another lesson in giving her fluids.  Tomorrow will be the real test.   I have bought her all new food in hopes of enticing her to eat.  SHe was up and about this morning on the computer.  I think she will be fine.  I have to give her fluids daily for a few days then every other day.  We will see how she is doing in a week.  Yea Minnie.


Morticia a good Mother

Morticia a good Mother

I went out to check on the eggs and heard a peep from Egg number 2.  It is breaking the shell.  I don’t know how to edit it so you will see the whole thing.  It should be hatched  out within 24 hours.  I am calling it Little Peeps


Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole




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18 04 2014
Anne Wilson

Ask your vet about feeding tined pilchards or sardines in tomato sauce to Minnie, even my very fussy Sparky will eat that, this is a cat that turns his nose up at organic chicken, freshly cooked rabbit and smoked salmon! As for cat food, that he try’s to cover up as though it’s something that should be in a cat tray, left to him he would eat Hills cat biscuit only, and he’s only ten months old!

18 04 2014

I will try them. She is not suppose to eat anything high in protein with her kidney problems but at this point anything to get her eating again is okay. She did eat a little baby food and some canned food mixed with water today. Every day she is eating a little more. I fluids will help her get to eating again. I will study kidney disease more once we are over this crisis. Thank you so much for your help. The vet did mention that cants sometimes like stuff in tomato sauce. Sparky is such and interesting cat. Take care

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