14 04 2014



Mable was my son’s dog although she started her life living with me.  My daughter Betty’s dog Morgan had a litter of pups and Mable was the runt.  She was tiny and full of life.  She came to live with me for about a year.  SHe was a very active dog and with many cats and my Dad to take  care of  my son decided to take her to live with him.  There was only one cat and she got all the attention.  SHe had a wonderful life and love to take rides.  She was almost 16 when she passed away.  In the past year she had many small problems which she overcame, On Saturday she crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, we will meet again my Mable.  It’s hard to lose you beloved animals.  In my house they are family, each one when it’s their time to go its hard to say Good Bye.  But I firmly believe that when its my time to go they will be there to greet me.    I was glad that I didn’t find out about Mable till after I came home on Saturday.


I love driving through Vermont.  The tall mountains with valleys full of small villages with tall CHurch steeples.  Saturday though the drive was through pea soup fog which made driving hard.  It wasn’t till I got to White River Junction that the fog cleared and the blue, blue skies and billowing clouds appeared.



Louise kept a chair for me and it was a good thing as there were a lot of people there.

Louise and her wonderful project

Louise and her wonderful project

 It was good to see her.  We sat near some lovely ladies who were doing very interesting things.  Gayle Torrey and Nancy Lee Ross sat near us and were making Penny Rugs

 Masterpieces of Nancy Lee Ross


Masterpieces of Gayle Torrey





  I love the creativity of them and would love to do them sometime.

After a brief business meeting Bev Conway gave a talk on Secret Messages in rugs.


 It was so very interesting.  The following is an example of it.

right side of the rug

right side of the rug


wrong side of rug

wrong side of rug


 The wrong side of the rug is the secret message.  There is a technique  to it and its all very interesting and I would love to make one of these rugs sometime in the coming year.   She had some lovely rugs to show us.  It was a quick day before I knew it the day was over and it was time to say good-bye to Louise.  SHe will not be at the hook-in in July as she will be at the Charles Dickens Society international meeting .  How exciting, I can’t wait to hear all the details.

It’s Monday and I am back to my life on the farm, yesterday both Minnie and I felt ill.  We are both back to our old selves now.  Its going to be in the 70’s today.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole








5 responses

15 04 2014

Carole, I am so sorry to hear about Mable. It is always a loss..though 16 is a good long life. She is at peace now….and you will see her again. Hugs. Patti

15 04 2014

Thanks Patti, my son’s house is so empty now.

15 04 2014
Kellie from Indiana

Sorry about Mabel. Very talented ladies. Yes I believe the messages are achieved hooking shorter loops than all the rest though I never had a class or tried it yet. Its a great way to sign and date your work too! Glad you had a great time!

16 04 2014
Eliza Waters

Sad to hear about Mable’s passing. Though I imagine she is running happily, freed from her earthly body. Hope you’re not flooding in all this rain. Watch for icy paths in the morning!

16 04 2014

Thanks so much for your kind words. No flooding. The river is high though. Hope you got through this bit of nasty weather.

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