26 03 2014



I am starting the clean up here.  Things get left undone when temps fall way below freezing.  It’s a busy time and will go full tilt to the planting season.

I was hoping to get to  the spinning night at Sheep and Shawl tonight but high winds are here and tree branches are flying everywhere, so I will stay home and hold the fort down.  Tomorrow night I plan to go to Barb Perry’s (her farm is on the same mountain range as mine) book signing and trunk show at Sheep and Shawl.  Her book is called Adventures in Yarn Farming.  She has a rather large sheep farm and produces wonderful yarns.


Last night I did my usual check  on the chickens  Morticia was no longer on the her usual place  on the wire of the light.  she was in one of the nesting places.  And she started screaming when I got near, a sure sign  of broodiness.  I have given her more shavings and lots of  hay and some food this morning.  she has one egg of Sweet Pea’s under her and she will lay some  too and before I know it there will be plenty of them under her. 




 If and when the eggs hatch I will bring her inside.  its the safest way to ensure they will survive.  Murphy is a good example of that.  I was hoping that this would happen this year.


I wanted something spring in the dining room so I set this up yesterday.  it’s in the terrarium because the cats would sneak on the table when I am not around and tear it all apart.


 It still does not look like spring outside today, still a lot of snow left.  we are lucky to be escaping the snow which is coming along the coast.  we will get some high winds from the storm and maybe a few flurries.    the mid Atlantic states seem to be getting the brunt of the last few storms.


Mom is doing well after a few bouts of sickness this winter.  She is cheerful and happy with the dog who lives at the home.  She thinks its her dog.  The dog loves her and is on her lap all the time.  What a wonderful thing.

Many thanks for reading my blog this blustery day, It could go below zero tonight.  I hope this is the end of those temps this year.  Hope you have a wonderful evening.  Carole





4 responses

27 03 2014
Kellie from Indiana

Hopefully will see chicks soon! Glad your mom’s doing better. Opened my door this morning to let dog out and mild temp and humidity greeted me. Took a deep breath, wonderful.

27 03 2014

That’s great, I think that weather is coming this way for the weekend, more barn flooding but it will end quickly. Yea spring has come.

28 03 2014
Anne Wilson

So nice to hear that your Mum has ‘her’ dog to keep her company, I do think all old peoples homes should have pets, it’s what old people can often relate to rather than people.

28 03 2014
Eliza Waters

How fun to have baby chicks to look forward to. I, too, am looking forward to the warmer weather, this snow has got to go!

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