23 03 2014




View from the sheep’s pasture to my son’s barn.  This was yesterday morning.  It cleared up late morning and the sun came out and everything started melting again.


We worked a few hours on the barn yesterday morning.  There was 4 inches of mud in the entry way.  It’s all cleared away and water is now coming in.   I have bought some horse stall pellets to put down and they will soak up some of the water.  When I went to get the shavings the owner said that everyone’s barn is flooding this year.  I hope that Chris and I can come up with a solution because this takes a lot of time and I am lucky that I don’t have a barn full of hay because the bottom layer of it would be mulch and I would have to get it out of the barn ASAP.

Scrubbing Mitt

I am making Scrubbing Mitts with some linen yarn that I have.   It will be great for exfoliation and am going to include a bar of my soap with it.


Last Spinning Class at Sheep and Shawl

Today is the last spinning class, the time went by so quickly.  I am going to be giving a Rug Hooking with yarns, old sweaters and what have you class and a Drop Spindle and another Spinning Class within the next couple of months and will keep you post about the dates.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog on this windy day, I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole and Minnie




4 responses

23 03 2014
Eliza Waters

Ah, life in New England! 🙂

23 03 2014

So true

24 03 2014
Anne Wilson

Sorry to hear about your weather and the wet barn, things like that don’t help do they? Hopefully you will soon have spring weather.

24 03 2014

Right now everything is frozen again but I think by the weekend we will be having another thaw. There will be more water in the barn and then that will be it. I have the cat nip toys all packaged up and hope to get the out tomorrow.

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