11 03 2014



Yes there are toys for chickens, one I saw recently, is a swing in the coop.  I may try to make one for next winter.  I bought these wire balls thinking they were much bigger and put them out in the barn and didn’t use them.  Well they are just right for the chickens who are wintering inside.


  Hazel was so funny when it was empty, he kept ringing the bell!!!!!   More snacks, more snacks please.

Spinning Class

I have 3 students in my spinning class.  Two of them had some spinning experience and one didn’t.  Everyone had a small skein of yarn to take home and some more roving to practice on.  We were so busy in class I forgot to take pictures, I will next week. They went home with a bag of Maude and Carol K. to wash.  We will card the wool next week and spin that.  We talked a little about sheep breeds and will talk more about them too.  We will try some other fibers too.  What fun..


liz, of Sheep and SHawl Shop and I talked about a rug hooking class to take place in her shop maybe in June.  It will be a class to hook with fibers, yarns, old woolen clothes and blankets.  I am thinking of two patterns in my head and will draw them out to see how they will  look.  It will be a small project to get people started.  


I am now seeing bare patches around the trees and near the sheep fence.


This kind of thaw is great for water problems.  It gets just a little above freezing in the day time so that melting does take place but not at a fast rate.  It may hit 50 today and clothes are drying on the line in the gentle breeze.  Tomorrow snow and sleet hopefully its winters last gasp.

Many thanks for reading my blog this beautiful sunny day, I hope the weather is good where you are,   Carole




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12 03 2014
Anne Wilson

We are having beautiful weather, the trees all have buds, the daffs are out, and we have had our first picking of Rhubarb!

13 03 2014

I am so glad that the weather has turned good for you. We are in the teens this morning but warmer weather is expected. Winter is on its way out. Picking Rhubarb wow. There isn’t a better place to be in the spring than Ireland. The fresh smell of the earth, flowers everywhere. The air in Ireland is so fresh, I can’t wait to breathe it in again.

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