6 03 2014



There are many small steps to making soap, one of them is a cooling off process.  This took place overnight underneath a blanket.   I am trying some soap molds that I bought a couple of years ago and really like them.  I was using plastic containers, but with these molds the soap will come out in equal sizes.  In the end they will be easier to wrap and store

Today I cut the soap and the drying process has started.  Each piece will be turned many times to make sure it dries evenly.


This is the Calendula soap, it has Calendula flower and lemon essential oil in it.  It’s a healing soap, good for chapped skin.


My friend Lisa from Cranberry Moon Farm has some wonderful Sheep for sale.  A flock of  English Leicester Longwool’s and a Merino Ram.  If you are interested please check out the following Craigslist ad. for the flock for the Merino Ram..

We are still in the deep freeze but the weekend looks promising for a warm up, and the clocks are being moved ahead so more daylight hours.  Yea.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope your day was spectacular.   Carole



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