23 02 2014



Water was falling like rain in the barn yesterday morning and it will only get worse as it warms up.  After many years of struggling with this problem I had someone come and fix it.  Well the problem I wanted addressed wasn’t addressed so I am left with something worse now.   This is the second time this winter that the barn has leaked.  Yesterday I moved the back hens because water was coming in their coop.  Luckily I have room for them in the front coop.  Chris has been digging trenches and I think that is helping a lot.  Old house are not for the faint hearted.


I enjoy Mary Jane’s Farm magazine.  This past issue had an article about Vets who travel to different countries free of charge to help animals.  Then I read with horror what these countries do before tourist season.  Most strays are poisoned. They don’t want  tourists to see starving animals or be bothered by strays.  Mahatma Gandhi said it so well “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Below is a partial list of the countries.  They are online if you wish to know more .  The only way this treatment will stop is for people to be outraged  and address it with the countries.  I am going to e-mail each county and relay my feelings about this.    I am not surprised about some countries on the list, they have shown their little value for human life so why would animals be different.



Published by Ballantine Press


This tiny book has been a big help to me when I was starting making rugs.  Its only 96 pages long and very reasonable for people starting out. In it are basic instructions for hooked rugs, needlepoint rugs, proddy rugs, latch hook, punch hook, braided and simple woven rugs. It tells you how to transfer a pattern, to join and finish off and much more.  Many examples of all these techniques are included.  If you are just starting out it has just enough detail to get you going on any rug technique.



She is doing well.  She seems content, talks up a storm all day long than roughly around 4 pm she is tired and wants the lights off.  Her little head goes into her back and her eyes close as she rests for another day.



Yesterday was a grand day for eggs.  A half-dozen was laid.   I saw Sweet Pea , The Welsummer Hen, lay an egg.  I wasn’t sure she was laying  but now I have proof.  Her eggs will be a little bigger than Morticia’s but not as big as a regular size hen..  In spite of the water coming into the barn all is right when the hens are laying.  The back coop hens seem quite content with their new space although the perches are in different places so a little help was given to get everyone up last night.



As I mentioned in another blog the roads have taken a big toll this winter and with towns coffers in such bad shape they will not be fixed anytime soon.  Yesterday I was in Greenfield, One of the worst places for bad roads even in good weather, when my car went into a pot hole and a nearly new tired ruined.    This winter has taken a toll on everyone, we are having another warm day with temps around 45 but then the polar vortex returns with more cold weather.  I am always glad when February is done, March usually brings in a new season,  MUD SEASON, but I do like it the snow is gone and the earth is drying out from the winter

Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightfully warm day.   Carole 



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23 02 2014
Mary Jane

Hang in there… I keep watching for my neighbor to put out the sap buckets, knowing that will be the sign for spring being right around the corner… well, around the next few corners maybe…

23 02 2014

Mary Jane,
I think it will be a couple of corners but it will come. This may be the last year it happens as we have a grip on what really needs to be done and where the water should go. That is half the battle. I hope to catch up on your blog tonight.
I do love the picture with you and Cubby. What a wonderful dog. Carole

24 02 2014
Anne Wilson

In Spain they have very strict rules governing cats and dogs, all cats and dogs have to be registered with the local council, they have to be micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies. Strays are taken to an animal pound where they are kept for two weeks in the hope that they will either be claimed or re homed. After two weeks they are humanly put down. The measures are to try to eradicate rabies.
Ear cropping is banned in many countries including the EU but not in the US where it is estimated that 130.000 Dobermans have their ears cropped per year.
Every country has it’s bad elements, earlier this month 3000 cocks were seized in New York, part of a huge cock fighting ring.
Animal feed lots such as those owned by Cargill and Smithfield are not allowed in the EU, how can 100.000 beef cattle all crammed together in a feed lot produce healthy beef, yet this is how 97% of all US beef is produced. Pigs have an even worse ‘life’.
Spain is far from perfect, they still have Bull Fighting and the Pamplona Bull run, but bull fighting is slowly dying out and is banned now in Catalonia.

24 02 2014

I certainly agree with you, here stuff is hidden not shown on tv, we learn what is happening her from folks like you or people who are on scene. If you could send me some information about the cock fights I would love to write about it on my blogs.We have huge chicken farmers in the south who claim to raise chickens in the best of care but we are sure its not true. People think that the US is a great country many of us would leave here if we could. Are freedoms are being eroded away by big corporations, oil companies and the people we voted for
I just reported some of the countries that these things happen in and by far Mexico is the worst and many people from her vacation there.
My vet will not do ears or declaw. Two things that cause a great deal of pain to the animal. I do believe that the EU and the UK have more compassion than we will ever have here. Its all about money here. Look how we treat out homeless people we treat them like they don’t exsist. Oh I could go on and on. Thanks for the good information Anne.

24 02 2014
Anne Wilson

Hi Carole, if you Google cock fighting in New York it will bring up lots of information about it, I think it was first covered by ‘The New York Times’ on the 9th Feb. It was covered here by ‘The Irish independent’.
Have you seen a film called Food.inc I think you can watch it for free via Youtube, if not you can get it from Amazon, a real eye opener of how food id produced and well worth watching although not for the feint hearted. After seeing it we stopped buying any pork items other than ‘Organic’ or from friends where we knew the pigs and how they were reared. It has been the main factor in deciding that we will have pigs later in the year, we will not be party to the cruel and totally inhumain way that these intelligent animals are reared and that includes within the EU and especially in Ireland where we know that the EU rules are being flouted.

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