16 02 2014




Well the storm is gone and we probably did get 18 inches of snow.  The trees are covered and look beautiful and the birds are out in force trying to replenish themselves.  No Frozen Pipes this morning, but it is warmer.  I am glad that I shoved off part of the roof last night the snow is quite heavy.  The one good think about having snow is that the people who make Maple Syrup will be happy.  They need a good snow pack.  The sheep have all been  out in it except for Marley and of course Elliott.

Chris and Lilly Pad are here.  She is the diva cat or I guess we should call her Princess Lilly Pad.  She was found out in the streets of Framingham.


Today was the yearly Chicken Cat at Golden Oak Farm in Hatfield.    The day was snowy, and conversation went from illness to feed.  A wonderful film called CHICKENS OF TOMORROW was viewed by all.  It’s an interesting story of how chicken breeds were changed  by people.  The A&P supermarket offered 10,000 dollars in the 40’s to anyone who could improve  chickens so that they would produce more meat and eggs.  Can you imagine that in the 40’s that was a lot of money.  To make a long story short that is why today we have chickens who produce lots and lots of eggs, have more illnesses bad temperaments and don’t live long.  I have one such breed The Golden Comet.  They lay lots of eggs but don’t live long and can be quite nasty to their fellow hens.  We think we can improve on Mother nature but she always has the last laugh.  This has happened with all farm animals.  Now people have seen the error of their ways and are trying to find true breeds.  I listed the English version of rare breeds  last week and so many breeds are critical.   It was a productive day and everyone who attended went home with many new ideas.



I have moved Hester into the hallway and for the first time Sammy spotted her.  He just sat and sat there just wondering what she was.

More Snow tonight 2-4 inches and another storm coming in next week.  Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




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