9 02 2014


We are in the middle of another cold spell with some snow coming tonight.  The word is that a nor’easter is coming on Thursday but you never know .


On Friday I got a delivery of 100 gallons of oil, the price was $445.  It’s almost unbelievable and the sad thing is that if this cold weather stays it will only last for about 2 weeks.    The discrepancy between oil companies is huge too   My son’s oil company charged him around 4.00 a gallon.  I am hoping that I can take step one this year and have my plumbers  figure out a way to shut off the upstairs.  Not having the heat on there should save me some money.


My friend Susan came yesterday for a visit.  She brought me some lovely primroses which I just love.


She had never been to the Textile COmpany so we went there.  The Textile Company is located in Greenfield in an old wooden mill type building.  Creeky wooden floors and chock full of every fabric you would ever want.  The staff is very helpful and cheerful you can tell that each of them just loves their job.   It is the go to place for sewers all over New England.  The fabric and accessories are of the highest standards. We stopped at Sheep and Shawl which Susan loved and then went to FUNK SHUN to visit with Christa and drop off some things..  We came home for lunch and Susan worked on a needle felted heart which came out so good.  It was a fun visit and we have planned more.



Hester is still improving, but she is finding it hard to walk and like a human is wary of taking some steps.  Because of her feet walking was painful.  It will take time but she will do it, she is standing much more.


I do love the hyacinths and this pink one is especially beautiful.



Lucy has laid a couple of eggs in the past week but they quickly froze and split open.  This morning I was greeted by this egg which tipped the scale.  It is larger than an extra large.


Sweet Pea is a Welsummer Hen and was supposed to start laying in the late fall.  The cold weather and short days have prevented that.  She should start laying in the spring.  I am looking forward to her eggs which will be a reddish-brown.  I like her size she is smaller than a regular hen but not as small as the Bantams.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.   Carole



One response

14 02 2014
Eliza Waters

Hi Carole
I was over in Ireland paying a virtual visit to Bridget @acountrycottage and saw in your comment that you were from WMA so clicked through to your site. Small world, I live in Conway. I garden and write about nature, etc. so it is fun to find a fellow blogger so close by. LOL, even if I have to go to Ireland first!
I was shocked about your fuel costs, yikes, old houses! Have you had a free energy assessment via WMECO? There is loads of free and low-cost efficiency updates to be had that can save you a lot on fuel bills. We’ve had them come a couple of times over the years as the program offers change. Call them or check online. All utilities are mandated to provide this free service to customers.
Glad to “meet” you & Happy Valentine’s Day!

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