7 02 2014


We got through the storm and its all cleared away, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.  Last night the temps almost broke a record, way below zero.  Even though the heat is on nicely you know its very cold outside.


I have been sorting through the wool in the box room and came across a couple of handfuls of Angora.  I raised Angora rabbits in the early 80’s.  They are sweet and beautiful but so much work, much more than sheep.  I found a bag of white and brought it downstairs.  Then decided to throw it in the end of the green dye bath and this is how it came out.  I love the color and probably could never repeat it again.  I am spinning it now and will probably use it in the top of a pair of sock.  I have also found  part of an Irish fleece I bought many years ago.  I did send it out and had it made into roving.  It’s a course wool and I now think it will make great bottoms of socks or I could put it into a hooked rug.. The coarseness will make  It long-lasting in either project.




I bought these  3 dye books from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York.  They are exceptional dye books with many illustrations and dye recipes from here and around the world.    I have used them many times and they were especially useful when I lived in Belchertown and had a dye garden. I am hoping to make a small dye garden this year and do some more natural dyeing with roving.


EGGS, Hester and Chicken Events

I got a egg from Mrs. Brown and another blue one.  The days are getting longer and more will be coming.  Hester’s feet are almost back to normal now.  I am going to changer her coop and she will go into the gentle coop this spring.  I think she will like it better.  The gals in her old coop are all black or grey, and now with Hilda gone it might be better for her to make the change.  \

Next Saturday is the yearly Chicken CHat held at a farm in Hatfield.  Although we are all members of a local online group its good to get together.  There will be people who want to get into chickens there and old timers.  Questions will be answered and information about up coming events, feed and chicken illnesses will be discussed.   It’s always a fun and educational event.  Hope the weather hold for it. 

Hope you have a sparkling day and thank you so much for reading my blog.   Carole



2 responses

7 02 2014
Anne Wilson

I’m so pleased to hear that Hester is nearly back to normal.

9 02 2014

iTS BEEN A LONG ROAD BUT SHE IS DOING SO WELL. She is learning to walk again, always so cheerful. Thanks for your help.

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