30 01 2014


The temp will be in the upper 20’s today and getting close to the 40’s soon.  My Friend Louise from Montreal said that she had a temp of 20 below.



Hester is a favorite hen of mine.  She is lovable, and so friendly and loves to be held.  SHe has been acting odd for a few days now, so I took her in yesterday.  She may have some mites on her legs but no one else has them, I haven’t been using the DE as I was before and will get back to doing that, and I will have to spray all the perches.  I do scrub them down every couple of weeks but I think a good dose of DE will stop them in their tracks.  I do think there is something else going on with her, she might have had a fall.  She is in my kitchen on the cat bed, really enjoying herself as its near the radiator.  She is eating and drinking and talking up a storm.    She is a chatty girl.  She is the hen that they took too much beak off she has managed to eat and drink , it really is sad what they do to those little chicks. anyway she seems happy enough being inside for now.



The yarn arrived from Peter Patches and its beautiful.  Today I stared to unwinding it .   It took me half the day just to do 2-1/2 pounds.    Tomorrow I plan to dye some of it, purples, blues and greens.  I am not weighing as I unwind whatever weight it is I will price and sell.    I bought some of the prettiest light green while I was at Deanne’s studio and have used it in the Blueberry Jar rug.  It really added texture and depth to the rug.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole

Chris is coming soon, looking forward to his visit, hope we can take in one of Tea’s games.



5 responses

31 01 2014
Rita Kay Bergeron

Carole, is your yarn pictured here fingering yarn?

31 01 2014

Yes, email me privately if you could use some

31 01 2014

I could send you a sample

31 01 2014
Anne Wilson

If you think Hester has mites on her leg she would have them elsewhere as well, do the scales on her legs look raised, red or sore? If so she has scaly leg, to treat, gently wash the legs using a soft toothbrush, we use a few drops of tee-tree in the water, then dry her legs and smother with Vaseline, do this for about five days. Check the other birds as well as it does spread, also check under the wings for any unwanted vistitors.

31 01 2014

Thanks Anne, I will pick up a soft toothbrush, I have been washing her legs and then putting on my healing salve, they do look better and today I gave her a dust bath with woo dashes.I also put de in all the other coops, I was adding it to everyone’s food but have not done that this winter, hence the mites. You are. A wealth of information, many thanks

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