29 01 2014



The piece is done.  I like the way it came out and thinK I will make some more signs.    I will back it with a piece of wool, I haven’t decided how I  will hang it yet.



I have a large selection of dye books and want to share some of them with you.  Most are for natural dyeing which I did a lot of when I lived in Belchertown, Ma.  and its something I want to more of this year.

DYE PLANTS by John and Margaret Cannon

Published first in 1994 in association with The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.  It has wonderful illustrations by Gretel Dalby-Quemet.

It’s a detailed dye book with many plants such as White  Water Lily, Woad , Black Oak, Heather, Ivy and many more.  On the page across from the information there is a picture of the plant and the colors that you will get, just like on the front cover of the book. I found the book with a new cover on Amazon for $18.00 used and $24.95 new. 


I would like to try Eucalyptus and White Water Lily and raspberries this summer.

The Weather

Its turned bitter again and temps will again be in the below zero numbers tonight.  I went to the grain store today to buy some more sheep grain and they had seed and supplies for growing your own out.  It’s hard to think of spring with this kind of weather.


Europe’s largest fire festival was filmed today,  I had planned to watch it and totally forgot, I am hoping to stream it tomorrow.  For those of you who are interested in it go to  This looks like a fun festival to be enjoyed even if your can’t attend.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you are warm tonight  Carole



2 responses

31 01 2014
Kellie from Indiana

Your rug turned out beautifully and would love to see your yarn after its dyed!

31 01 2014

Hi Kellie,
I have been thinking about you and all the weather that seems to come your way. I hope you are keeping warm, how much snow did you get? I am going to do some dyeing and will have picture on the blog today. I enjoyed doing that sign rug and used up some stuff that had been laying around. Good to hear from you.

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