27 01 2014



This week while going through my rug hooking projects I found the unfinished rug hooking sign.  Then while going through some boxes of fiber I found the remains of my first yarn that I sent out.  Then it hit me, I have held onto these remains for years not wanting to compost them but never knowing what to do with these short ends.  I needed a background color for the sign and they will go together.  The yarn that was made many years ago is what I am making the socks for the class out of.  It was all my Border Leicester flock and my goat Timmy combined, a good strong sock yarn.  I have few skeins left now and will keep them for socks.  I am so glad that I have found a place for the wool ends and I plan to use the sign at shows.




Ii’s below zero this morning, the sheep got some grain .  Expecting numbers in the double digits below zero this coming week.  The hens in the back of the barn are a little warmer since I insulated that part and because I added a vent it isn’t as damp in there  Their water was almost frozen while the water in the front coops was frozen solid.  Meanwhile Hazel, Mrs. Brown and Milly are enjoying the comforts of the warmth of the  upstairs  south bedroom, its like a Florida vacation to them with room service and all!  


If you haven’t gone down to Sheep and Shawl and you live in the area you should stop by  The shop is loaded with yarns, some local and all sorts of wonderful wooly things.  It’s a great place to take a class or drop in  knitting or spinning.  I finished the sock and brought it down today.



While I was there I was thinking about all the yarn that she carries.  She is still trying to get more local yarns and I will put Lucy and Sally’s yarn in the shop when i have it done.  But yarns from far away and  the shepherds with small herds who contribute their wool to make some of these yarns what interesting stories each of them would tell.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you are staying warm.  Carole



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