24 01 2014



For sometime I have been thinking of just having bantam hens..  I have 10 large hens and Murphy left, this year many of the real old hens have passed on and I only have 6 that lay, the rest are having a well deserved retirement..  Its time to start replacing them  with Bantams. I won’t be able to sell eggs anymore as people will not pay for smaller eggs but my family and I  can still enjoy them.  They are much easier to manage, take up less space, eat less food.  It’s a win win situation.   I will have to investigate where to purchase them and may talk to the chicken man to see if he will raise some up for me.



This flour sack was destined to become a pillow case. The sides were hemmed.  It was never finished and was found in a trunk some years ago.  Her stitching was perfect, she was a professional seamstress, I am using it as a wall hanging now.  When stitching the ends together I thought of her and wondered what she was thinking about while she was stitching this.


She had married and moved to a city from the country.  Had many children and worked hard, I never knew her but felt like we were kindred spirits.  SHe was talked about with love by her children as long as they had voices, they called her Ma.


I called Mary at the rest home today and Mom has gained weight and now weighs 113 pounds, more than she ever weighed.  SHe is doing so well under Mary’s care.  We are so lucky to have found her.  She addresses medical issues like UTI’s which can really get an elderly person angry and hostile early so there is never an issue.   They are having cold weather in Florida and tonight it will be 36, which seems balmy to me, it’s all relative.


This morning the temps were below zero.  The chickens water will have to be warmed up 3 times today  They will get a special mid day snack of sunflower seeds, cooked oatmeal, yogurt, and seaweed and blueberries.  A special treat for very cold days.  The sheep of course are fine and were given a little grain this morning and will receive some more tonight.


Mrs. Brown did it again, she laid another egg today and made a nest and then left it  I am wondering if the  nesting area just isn’t good enough.  Today while at the grain store I bought some bagged Timothy hay which is longer and tomorrow I plan to weave up a nest for her  It may or may not work but worth the effort I think.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day   Carole



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