22 01 2014


The Blue Jay’s and other birds were busying eating all day long in preparation for tonight’s below zero temps


Back in the Deep Freeze

 We are back in the deep freeze again, not as bad as last time thought.  I got hay yesterday from a neighbor, only 10 bales at a time from now on.  Unfortunately the fellow I have been buying hay from has sold out so there is no elevator.  I have already secured next years hay from the him, the elevator makes light work of it.

Mrs. Brown

Yesterday morning I went in to feed Hazel and Mrs, Brown and she was sitting on an egg.  I  put some cardboard on the wire to make the nesting place more secure so that the hay stays inside the area.  I don’t know if she will actually sit on the egg for 21 days and will she lay more eggs, they say it take about 6 days for her to lay enough eggs, time will tell.  This is just what I wanted.  There is always something exciting going on at the farm.. 


Hazel is more watchful over Mrs. Brown, he helps her pick the right grasses for the nest.   You get tiny glimpses of this but now I am able to see it all.  He is not a nice rooster to humans but is kind and considerate to his hens.

Well a day has passed and Mrs. Brown is not sitting anymore.  It might have been a practice run or just a passing fancy.

Getting ready for Spring Shows and the new website

I have been packaging up some wool and also some bags of hooking wool.  I had a box full of wonderful scraps of wool that would be wonderful for  hooked stone walls or rocks.  These are harder to find in thrift shops and just the right person will grab them up..




Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day    Carole



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