20 01 2014


Yesterday was a day full of snow showers, it would snow off an on and I thought we were not going to get much but got 5 inches



Friday they came and fixed the pipes so that now there is heat in the kitchen again, just in time for the cold weather which is coming back this coming week.  They replaced the pipes with plastic piping which can expand three times it sizes so if it should freeze mostly likely it won’t burst.  You can just thaw it out.  They did find a couple of bricks had fallen out and there was a hole under the kitchen door and they put insulation in there,  We will try to fix that this summer.


I was reading the Tin Peddler Blog ( The Tin Peddlers are a wonderful rug hooking group from Maine) the other day and they had artist John Neville came and gave a talk about Ellen Sullivan.  She was a prolific rug hooker from Nova Scotia.  I wish I could find more written about her, her life sounds so interesting and inspiring.  SHe was born around 1900 and lived and hooked into her 80’s.  Using things that were around, old clothes, and yarn.  SHe drew her designs herself  and many were pictures of her surroundings.  Today with the internet we can see people’s works and they will never go away, we can read their stories and they will never go away.  Ellen’s story and many women like her are lost to society unless someone tells their stories.  I hope we hear more about her in the future.  

Today more and more people write in journals  My friends Louise and Debbie both write daily.  I am not so good about it and am trying to get better.  Louise puts pictures in hers which is wonderful and I do that also now. This is such a good way to let future generations know about your life.  Words get lost but when its written down it can be inspiring to others.

Thanks today to Minnie Bisbee for helping to get the blog out.  I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog today  Carole and Minnie




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