7 01 2014

The wind howled last night and the highs today will be 12 above zero.  Warmer weather is coming though.  This weather is creating many problems.  For one thing my car doors are frozen shut.   The roadways in this area are not meant for such fluctuating temperatures.  For days it’s below zero then its raining and in the 40″s and back and forth.  Some roads had to be closed and repaired but they don’t think the repairs will last.  We all have to get use to the new weather patterns caused by global warming.



I started this feather and fan patterned scarf last week.  With frozen pipes and  a new oil tank being put in I haven’t done much on it.  The yarn was bought in Ireland  4 or 5 years ago, it’s a beautifully dyed Mohair.  I am going to work on it today, my goal is to do 5 or 6 inches every day till its done.  I do love knitting but sadly I haven’t done much lately.  I though this scarf would get my hands use to the rhythm of it again.




I started this many years ago, and have worked on it yesterday, there is not much left to do.  The next project is to figure how to finish it.  I was going to look for an old frame but now I think I will line the back and get some nice small branches and glue them into the shape of the piece and sew the piece on.  Oh well there is still time to figure that out.  The background is an old dish towel that was amongst my Grandmother’s things.  It’s a good way to keep memories alive and I think she would have liked that.  I did age the towel some.  I love the simplicity of the piece.



IMG_2192In the fall I bought two bags of hyacinth  to plant this winter.  I just started planting them last week.  The above two should be out by the weekend.  This red Amaryllis is beautiful.


I  am going through dyed wool and getting some ready to put on my new website. Doing the little bundles make wool affordable for everyone.  This week I need to dye some wool red for Valentine projects.  I will bring it to Sheep and Shawl over the weekend.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and  I hope your day was wonderful.  Carole



2 responses

7 01 2014

This weather is getting very old! Thank goodness for our wood stove. I love the hyacinth…a bit of Spring. Is your web site up?

8 01 2014

I usually get sick of winter the end of January bit I am tired of it already.

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