3 01 2014


We got 10-12 inches of snow, but it’s not the snow that is troublesome, the temps are in the single numbers and the wind is supposed to pick up and the temps go down.  My house stayed warm all night and I will keep the stoves going today.  The chickens water was frozen solid and will probably need refreshing this afternoon. I put added bedding and gave them corn this morning.  The sheep are doing well, they have their wool to keep them warm and are eating plenty of hay and their nighttime grain.  Their water tub is electric so the water temp stays above freezing.  I need to get more food for the birds today, they are going through a lot but need it, I plan to make some peanut butter seeded pinecones tomorrow to put out too.

The Zen and the Art of  Raising Chickens by Clea Danaan


I am reading this book again.  I got it several years ago.  There are some books that are just worth reading many times.  Each time you take away something different from it.  

I really never knew much about chickens when I was young, other than seeing a flock or two in my Grandmothers neighborhood in Maryland or seeing baby chicks at the Big E.  My interest was in barn cats, cattle (Holstein ) and work horses.  These were all seen on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in Chesterfield.  We visited a lot, my Dad spent every summer helping out on the farm when he was young.  I can still remember the smells of the milk room, the sweet smell of the hay and the cow’s breath filling the air in mid winter.  2 sturdy work horses were there but in the end were replaced with a tractor.  Farming was hard work then and still is now for the smaller farmer.  It was a good life though for my cousins and they enjoyed it.  None of their children wanted to take over the farm and the barn lay vacant for many years now there are cows in it again.  

Back to chickens.  When I moved here I decided to get a few to provide  eggs, my friend Lynn had some and I found them very interesting.  A few years later I was ready for the adventure.  LIttle did I know how much I would learn from them,and how much I would love them.  I have seen them have life long friendships, find true love , learn how not to be bullied and much more.  Even if you are not a chicken owner you will enjoy this book


I did sign up to be on their list to sent special notices to.  I was delighted to get a post this am.  A  wonderful Christmas picture of their team, new heifers that were born and a small article about being allowed a small flock of sheep to graze on his pastures for 62  days.  Small hooves on the pasture will firm it up for next spring and the sheep will eat all the grasses the cows didn’t.  How clever!!!!!!  If you haven’t seen THE MOO MAN, just google it.  Cows raised the way they should be with loving care.


 Minnie slept the storm away nice and warm.


Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope your day was wonderful.  Carole



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5 01 2014

Wow, 12 inches of snow is A LOT ! We haven’t had much snow at all here in Ireland, just rain and gales ! Keep warm. E

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