29 12 2013


Chris is here helping me, we cleaned some in the barn today and he is working on some computer projects for me.

I have heard from some friends in Ireland who live in the Northwest area and they indeed had 90 mile per hour winds.  SOme damage was done but they are safe.  The worst I guess hit the Southwest.

Heating Plans,

My friend Anne from Ireland has a house that is the about the same size as mine and heats her whole house and hot water with a Stanley Stove.  I am going to look into it, because there is wood on my property and I can also buy green wood  and let it sit of 6 months.  It would be wonderful to be off the oil chain and be in charge of my heating and hot water using local resources for it.  Anne has a wonderful blog which I follow, check it out its anirishalterative.blogspot.




Friday night my friend Louise called from Montreal.    We had a wonderful conversation and she wanted to also tell me of a book that she is getting.  Its called “Dear Everyone” A woman’s journey from Park Avenue to a Labrador Trap line.    She ends up being a Volunteer to the Grenfell Mission,


 Last summer one of the members of the Green Mountain Rug Hooking , Stephanie Krauss gave a  program on the Grenfell Mission and she and her husband’s tour of Labrador.  I was so intrigued by this and Louise remembered that and wanted to share  this book with me.  I ordered it and can’t wait to read it.   I am  not keen on trapping animals so I will skip quickly over those parts but her stories about the mission will be wonderful to read.  Someday I would like to visit  the Grenfell Mission.

Sheep to Shawl,

I brought more things down to Sheep and Shawl.  There are more and more lovely things in the store each time I come.  I will be bringing down red and white roving for needle felting and some locks of white wool also.

I have been recovering from several bouts of gout so I have been watching tv more than usual.  On CNN this morning Sanju Gupta was doing a piece on Dementia patients in the Netherlands.  I didn’t get to see all of the piece but what I did see was so interesting.   They have approximately 152 patients in this village enclosed by a wall..  Almost 2 workers for every patient.  The patients live  longer than in other facilities and are more joyful.  There are on much less medication, get to exercise, take walks and basically live like they were before although they are watched at all time.   I don’t think that there is anything like it here in the states.  You can see clips of this show online.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




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30 12 2013
Mary Jane

But Carole, what happens when you go away for a few days, or even over ight, or out for the whole day? With woodburning heat, how will you keep your pipes from all bursting if you are not there to keep it at some minimum temperature?? Just wondering. Ireland does not (usually) have below zero weather like we do…

30 12 2013

Hi Carole,
Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. I thought I had responded to your last post but it must have gotten lost in cyber space. I love the idea of a Stanley type stove. It would certainly solve some of your heating issues in the kitchen. But would it be your only stove? Because I wouldn’t want to have to light it in the summer. Also it gets colder here than in Ireland so that might affect your fuel usage. Still, it would probably be an improvement on the very complicated system you have now. I also looked up Russian fireplaces as I had never heard of them before. What a wonderful idea! That would also be nice where your central chimney once was. It really does seem that they have been more creative in Europe. Our history of abundant forests and cheap oil have not inspired good designs for heating and cooking. I will be very interested in what you find out about the possibilities of installing a system like they have in Ireland with the hot water off the stove going to the radiators. It seems like a very good plan.
Hope you are feeling better and that we can manage to get together in the New Year. Patti

30 12 2013

Yes I am giving both ideas much thought. I agree with all our oil subsidies people have not given oil a thought. I am now paying 4.00 per gallon at that price a full fill would cost 1000 which would only last me 6 weeks at most in the coldest part of winter. They do sell stanley’s here at Leimans in Ohio. I have not checked the prices . There is a lot of thought that will need to go into this. My oil can be my back up the furnace is about 10 years old and I now have a new oil tank, I am going to contact a friend that works in heating and air conditioning and see what he thinks about it. I have thought of one of those free standing wood furnaces which is outside but you have to load large pieces of wood which I will not be able to do in my old age. My Aunt Elizabeth was heating with wood in her eighties. Granted her nephews stacked the wood in the house and wood shed for her but she managed the stove by herself. And in her kitchen sat a new electric stove never used! I am better, I think the answer is drinking more water I don’t drink enough and I know it so its something I have to make myself aware of . Lets get together next week, what day is good for you?

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