24 12 2013


We have been having some odd weather, its been unusually warm with rain but just less than 50 miles to the north the roads are thick with ice and electric is out. Our river is high and I am sure there is flooding in Vermont.  This too will end tonight and the temps will plummet down to the teens and lower.


I miss the Christmas Stores.  We had several in the area and they are gone.   When you would walk into them you would smell  the Christmas smell, hear the whistle of the train set going around the whole store.    My kids loved going. It was magical, the villages all set up the many Manager scenes, lights and ornaments. The one in South Hadley was located  in a Church looking building.  It was open all year and would have Valentine  and Easter things along with always having Christmas things.  Both of the CHristmas stores were small and local, if they didn’t have a item you wanted  they would get it for you.  The German Christmas ornaments were beautiful the craftmanship was astounding.    I think I can figure out why they closed. They couldn’t compete with the cheap prices of imports from CHina and the Wal-Marts of this country.    There are still stores around that have ornaments or village sets but I have yet to find a store that has it all.  I like the idea of giving an ornament of meaning to my grandchildren each year.  By the time they have their own tree they will have something to put on it.   I did that for a few years and I think next year its time to revive it.


I put up some lovely metal braces and a board, covered it with some fake snow type stuff.   I did find some of the houses but they need to be repaired, and I need to find that special paper for the windows.  i have put out the Buyers Choice Carolers this year I know I have a few more somewhere in boxes.



I am catching up on reading my Chicken Magazines.  I found two great articles in a fall issue of Poultry Magazine.  One I am going to send to Dr. Connor.  It explains all sorts of information about what Hazel had.  I am very lucky that it didn’t go through the whole coop.  The other article was about feather (booted) feet bantam chickens.  Both Hazel and Mrs. Brown belong to that family.\IMG_2121

 The article stated that these birds were featured in Dutch paintings in the early 16th century and there were articles written about them by the Romans in 1600.  Such  a rich history for such a small bird.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope wherever you are the weather is perfect.    Carole and Minnie




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24 12 2013
Kellie from Indiana

Hi Carole, we had rain here which melted all the snow from the last snow and so I don’t think we’ll have a white Christmas this year. Can you believe hubby gave me back the cold that’s been all through the house.. Thats what I get for cleaning after the sick. So now Im sicker than I was before. When you get a chance can you email me your address so I can send you something when I get back to normal? I had thought I saved it but apparently not. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well as your family and animals. Love the chickens. Id like to raise some someday. Merry Christmas!

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