17 12 2013
  1. Hello,
  2. The cold has arrived and snow will be arriving this afternoon.  I have got the wood stove going so the house will be toasty.


My friend Mary Jane who has lived in England for many years and is now back in the states e-mailed me yesterday about the Shipping News. You can listen to the music alone on you tube by  typing in Sailing By.  Mary Jane use to fall asleep by it too.

A friend from Ireland Anne e-mailed me to say that BBC is thinking of taking it off the air because most people can access weather via the internet.  I think that will cause quite a stir and hope it won’t happen.  Some traditions are better left as they are.

I found a little history about the SHipping News.  Its was started because of a terrible shipping accident  in 1859.  The sinking of The Royal Charter off the coast of Anglesey with the loss of 450 souls.  After this terrible accident England introduced a warning system, although things have changed since then, ships having onboard technology to provide the information, most still use The Shipping News .  And that is not counting all the people who just love to listen to it.  



My catalog arrived a few days ago and its full of information plus so many different kind of seeds.  There was an interesting article about GMO’s.  Baker Creek used to sell  around 24 types of corn seeds.  Once they began testing the seeds they are now down to half that for sale. A significant loss for all of us, the farmer and Baker Creek.  They won’t sell these seeds till  the seeds are free from GMO.  Even if you have planted non gmo seeds if the farmer next door plants them you are likely to have some in  your crop.  It’s a disaster for the farmer for Baker Creek and for all of us.

With many people  getting on the GMO band wagon you have to wonder if the corn you are buying is really non GMO.  I will only buy corn this coming summer from a stand that has its seed tested.


The snow arrived mid morning and at 6 pm its till snowing heavily.  The 3-5 inches has been long surpassed and I just wonder how much we will get.  I did get my roof shovel out and shoveled the porch roof this evening.  I hope you had a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole



One response

19 12 2013
Anne Wilson

The snow looks very seasonable and very cold, we have very strong winds at the moment and very very heavy rain.

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