16 12 2013




Saturday night into Sunday we had a foot of snow, it was the light fluffy stuff so it was easily removed.  The temps warmed up to the upper 20’s which made things more bearable.  More snow is expected on Tuesday.  I will get sick of the snow in late January but for now its beautiful.  In New England we need the four seasons.  WInter brings much snow and it keeps the water table up for the summer, helps the maple trees produce a better quality of Maple syrup and keeps business going with winter clothing, skiing and other outdoor sports.

Last night  we had a beautiful full Moon rising over the mountain.  The Moon with the help of the snow luminated the whole area with a bluish tint.  It was beautiful.


Charlie and Tyler were out sliding, living on a mountain is great for kids so many places to slide.  I have three places just in my yard.  Lil was out too.



Today was cemetery day.  I make the rounds of three cemeteries to put greens or a wreath on the graves of family and friends.  I usually get it done before the snow flies but  this year I am a little later.  cemeteries are  beautiful with snow.  The views in the South Hadley cemetery where my Childhood friend’s parents are buried are spectacular.   It gives me a chance to spend some quiet time remembering these wonderful people who were like family to me.  Then to Holyoke where my Dad and his Brother and Sisters and Mother are buried.  That cemetery is park like  with beautiful plantings and mausoleums.  I do miss my Dad every day he was a wise and loving man.  Then I am off to my Mom’s and my friend Carol in Greenfield.  I think about her a lot we had so much in common.  All the wreaths were put in place, it was such a peaceful thing to do in this frantic time.


Tonight while starting the wood stove up I was listening to Vermont Public Radio.  They had a show on about the British SHipping NEws which is on every day 3 or 4  times giving the shipping news from Iceland to Africa and all around England , Ireland and the Islands.   British people have their radios tuned to it and it lulls them to sleep.  Tonight I listened to it, it starts with beautiful music and then the forecast, I can absolutely see how it could lull you to sleep.  I am going to see if I can get the boys to get it set up on my Ipad so I can listen to it every night.

Many thanks for reading the blog today and I hope you had a wonderful day, more snow is coming for us tomorrow and a cold night is here with temps only in the lower single digits.      BURR   Carole



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17 12 2013
Mary Jane

Carol, The song before the Shipping Forecast is called “Sailing By” and I can’t tell you how often I used to fall asleep to it! There is a nice article about the shipping forecast at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailing_By
and it gives the map identifying the different bay and ocean sections referred to each night in the forecast. And yes, if you get TuneIn Radio app, you can lock in BBC and the Shipping Forecast on your “favorites” and have it there, no matter what time you go to sleep! Oh, and if yo search on you tube under “Sailing By” there is the same version there as on BBC every night!

17 12 2013

Thanks Mary Jane for all that good information. I really enjoyed it and the music, I can see how so many people could fall asleep by it. I will have the boys do that on my ipad which i watch before bed. That would be so much more relaxing to listen to that I am going to listen to the song now. A MILLION THANKS

17 12 2013
Anne Wilson

Unfortunately the Shipping Forecast is being reviewed by the BBC as they feel that most people would be accessing the weather conditions via internet, I only herd this news last week on radio 4 so checked to see if I had misheard, I hadn’t, it is just a matter of when it will no longer be broadcast.

17 12 2013

Oh how sad, I hope that it doesn’t happen soon

17 12 2013
Patricia Smith

We were told here in Florida that it wasn’t a true 100% full moon last night; only 99%!! Who quibbles, it was beautiful and really lit up the sky. Have really missed fall and winter. You mentioned that you were putting wreaths on graves: your Mom’s and Carol your friend. I thought your Mom was in Florida. Didn’t you just visit her? You have a heart of gold Carol. One of the things I like about you. Patricia in WPB

17 12 2013

Good Morning Pat,
Oh I had better check that, it is my Mom’s friend and she became my Friend too Carol Kinnevan. Yes my Mom is still in FLorida I didn’t have the heart to tell her that both her long time friends have passed. Some things are better left unsaid. Well a lot of us here wish we were in FLorida especially days like today bitter cold.
Thank you for your kind comments and I can say that is one of the things I like about your and Lorne, you have always been the most kind and generous people. I think of you both often.

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