8 12 2013



We did get snow the other night but not the 4-6 inches called for, it was just enough to cover the ground. Another storm is called for this afternoon and is supposed to produce lots of snow and a wintry  mix.  I have done most of the things that needed to be done and brought the barn window in and will repair that this afternoon and hopefully get it up today.

House Repairs

I will finally be able to finish painting the house next year!!!!

I will finally be able to finish painting the house next year!!!!

The men came yesterday and got things set up for work on the chimney tomorrow.  I doubt they will be able to do anything because of the snow  but at least I know that it will be done soon.


Even though it’s just been a  little over 24 hours the pills seem to be helping Hazel, a lot less sneezing.  My friend Patti send me some useful information about respiratory illness in chickens and I am going to pass that along to Dr. Connor.  Surprisingly the pills are much easier to administer than the liquid and with Tyler holding him I can easily pop a half pill and some water in.


Stockings have been hung in hopes that St. Nick will bring these two good little chickens some treats.  They are both lucky to have survived the illness and I am grateful.



While looking for some black roving I found this natural dyed roving and think its perfect for the acorns.  It might have been dyed with acorns, I did a lot of natural dyeing in my early days of spinning.


Winter is not officially here but Mother Nature decides on when the seasons come not humans and today we shall see her beauty.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the day.




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9 12 2013
Anne Wilson

Thanks for the info on the felted sheep I will have to have a good look at the site. I hope all goes well with the builders and you don’t get the snow. We are still getting very mild weather, even the willow is showing it’s buds, all very strange.

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