18 11 2013



Yesterday Lucy passed away, I will miss her, she was getting on in years and just couldn’t fight the virus. and l noticed that Mrs. Brown wasn’t feeling well.  So she moved inside and started on the medication.Today we went to see Dr. Connor.  Mrs. Brown is in much better condition than Hazel was and she hydrated her and she started eating as soon as she came home.  We both agree that this was carried in by the new hens I bought.  I have a plan now to get new hens in the spring or fall or both and limit them to 2 and use the dog house that is converted to a small coop and place them in it and a small yard for 2 months.   She suggested an antibiotic for the other hens and I will put them on it as soon as I get it.  The hens in the back coop have had no contact with the new hens so they are fine.  I think that Hazel and Mrs. Brown will stay in this winter and now I am looking for a used large bird-cage for them.



They saw each other for the first time last night it was touching to see their reaction to seeing each other.



The weather was perfect for all the hens to be out today and I did get some windows covered with plastic and the door upstairs. I still have more to do but it will have to wait till I get some more of the heavy clear plastic.

The birds are keeping me busy keeping the feeders filled, and I finished planting all the tulips.  Tomorrow I plan to sew the curtains for the back door

IMG_1847A week from this coming Monday the workers will start on the chimney and repairing the north and east sides of the house.  Much is needed doing, I am hoping that this will be the last of the huge projects.

IMG_1852I did try to do some of this myself some years ago, come to find out I am no mason person and am not a carpenter either.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for taking the time to read my blog.   Carole



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19 11 2013
Anne Wilson

Sorry to hear that you have lost Lucy, I hope Mrs Brown will be OK. We always quarantine new birds for six weeks. The real problem is if you buy in birds that have been vaccinated and your existing birds have not, the vaccinated birds can be what is called shedders , which means that they may be safe from disease but can still be carriers and pass it on to your own birds.

19 11 2013

Anne thanks for that information I didn’t know that and from now on I will quarantine new birds for 2 months. I have never had this problem before but believe me I don’t want it again. It was hard to find a vet that would take care of them, I was lucky to have found Dr. Connor. I think Mrs. Brown will be fine, she certainly missed Hazel as they were brought up together, she was so excited to see him last night and they chatted. Hope all is well with you.

19 11 2013
Anne Wilson

Mention the word poultry to any vet over here and their eyes glaze over! If it doesn’t moo they don’t want to know.They are not taught about poultry at veterinary collage, if they want to take the extra course they can, at extra cost to them, very few do. When we had the commercial poultry farm if we had a problem we would have to go to the area veterinary laboratory and sacrifice a hen to find out what was wrong. Fortunately being Organic we had very few problems with our flocks but there was a couple of occasions that we had to take this route.

19 11 2013

There is a big come back for back yarn chickens her in this area and people love them like there cats or dogs so there are two within a half hour drive and 2 more vets within 45 minute drive. I belong to a large group online and most people who belong are within a 45 minute area. We have a big get together in the spring and talk about problems where to get reasonable organic feed etc. Its really great to be able to ask a question online and get an answer from someone withing hours. That is how I found out about the vet..This vet took your own time and looked things to help me with the hens that aren’t sick. I think I will put the front two coops where the nes hens are on antibiotics for 10 days. The back coop has had no contact with the new ones and no one got sick.

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