16 11 2013


Today was a beautiful warm day, I wish I could have spent more time doing some outdoor chores.  I needed to get more medicine for the chickens and go to the dump.  


I got 4 eggs today.  We will be back to normal in no time.  Hazel’s crow is almost as good as new,  I wonder if he will be able to go back to the coop or have to stay in for the winter.  If he has to stay in I will have to get a large bird-cage and move him upstairs.  I thought Lucy would like to go out today but now I think that wasn’t a good idea.  SHe is back inside and I will have to find a larger cage for her.



The front door is very drafty and today I found this material that I really like and I bought some cotton batting at the local fabric store.  I will get going on this one and one for the upstairs door this week, that will keep the cold out.  I very rarely use the front door anyway so this winter it will be closed permanently.



I bought this sweater last year, it had moth holes in it and I immediately put it in the freezer for a few months.  I have felted it and now I am cutting it up for mittens.  Tomorrow I will sew them on the machine.  I think I can get 4 or 5 pairs of mittens out of this sweater.

Hot Chocolate Mix


I love hot chocolate in the winter.  The mixes are so expensive and are full of all sorts of things I can pronounce.  This year I have made a simple mix.  The contents are just unsweetened chocolate, sugar and salt.  I made a double batch and had my first cup tonight.  Of course I did add miniature marshmallows.

We are in for a cold snap and tonight I can feel it.  I hope you had a wonderful day and many thanks for taking the time to ready my blog.   Carole



2 responses

17 11 2013

I love the idea of homemade hot chocolate preparation. In what proportions do you add sugar and salt to the jar mixture I see on your blog? Thanks!

17 11 2013

Hello louise,
Here is the recipe
3-1/2 cups sugar
2-1/4 cups unsweetened cocoa
1 tablespoon salt
Min throughly
This should last a year in a tightly sealed jar.
I made a double batch and have a jar of tiny marshmallows right beside it.

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