14 11 2013


After the Crafts of Colrain and Sadie I decided to have a quiet day.  The cats and I sat by the stove and relaxed.

I had this quilt that I had made over  7 years ago.  I had picked up the fabric many years before that and never knew what I would do with it.   I just loved the pattern with the subdued colors.


 I had this wonderful old, soft green blanket and decided to make a sort of quilt.  I put the blanket in a pillow case and tied it so it would stay in place and then made a duvet cover out of the material and had it close with some of my Grandmothers old buttons.  It was so warm and light and I really liked it.  Its shape was funny, the fabric width and about 2-1/2 yards wide.  After years of wear and many washings the tied area had come apart and yesterday I took it apart and fixed it.  Its like new and was plenty warm on my bed.  This is a good way to use up some material that you love , some old bed sheets and an old blanket.  It was such a nice chore to do by the fireside.



For the past few days I have heard coughing and finally found out that it was Lucy yesterday.  I called the vet and she said to start her on the antibiotics.


As you can see she is all puffed up and her wattle is a little discolored, all signs of illness.  I have been very carefree about bringing in new hens and felt if they looked and appeared ok then  it was good.  This has proved not to be the case but in reality how can you stop such a thing.  I got the new hens at least 6 weeks ago.  They showed no signs of illness but must have been carrying the disease.  Hazel came down with it first and then the little Emma died rather suddenly and now Lucy has the same illness as Hazel.  I have to say in the 12 or so I have been raising chickens we have not had illness in the coop.  This year I hope someone will become broody and I can raise some of my own, and not get anymore roosters thank you!!!!


Yesterday Sammy wanted in the kitchen.  His world has gotten smaller as he has aged.  He spent a few hours just relaxing by the fire.  He is 18 but doing well at the moment.



The cold weather is here and all hens are enjoying their oatmeal and blueberries.  The little bowl is for Hazel.



Many thanks for all your kind words about Sadie, it really helps.  I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole



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