11 11 2013



Sundays are always slow days at shows.  People came but not the crowds of Saturday.  Many people were interested in the sheep and of course the sheep came out to get carrots.  Ricky led the sheep tours.  I think more is need to entice people to come on Sundays.   Now I am moving forward to the next venture which is a drop spindle class at SHeep and Shawl, then the Shelburne Falls Autumn Farmers Market.

Chris and Ricky

Lots to be done today, the rubber mats need to be brought into Sadie’s area, the chicken caravan needs to be moved into my son’s barn and my barn cleaned.  I hope we can get it all down before the boys leave.


If you want to hear Hazel’s crow please click onto the following, it takes a few minutes before he does it, unfortunately he has not learned to crow on command!!!!!

Hazel really enjoyed the Crafts, crowing and having a good time.  He liked all the attention that was given to him.  Today I let him out and he now can fly again without getting out of breath.



Our newest product is clothes pins soaked in essential oils that are moth repellents.  They can be used to help keep moths away in woolens, or just put one in your purse or knitting bag to keep things smelling fresh.  Look for lavender ones to be added to the collection.

I found my camera in the most unusual spot.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole



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