10 11 2013



Sweet little Emma passed away yesterday.  She was one of the new gals.  Even though she had only been here for such a short time she was loved by me and her mates.  I was so happy that the Chicken Man had a Buff Orpington, My first Emma was one and she was a gem, well It wasn’t meant to be.  I miss her.


photo (5)

I was still rushing around in the morning getting last-minute things done. The sign explaining the farm was put on an easel near the kitchen door, signs were made for Hazel , the loom and the old spinning wheel.  The day was nippy and my son started a cozy fire in the wood stove, some welcoming essential oils permeated the air, and the boys at their post.  Ricky cleverly set up his IPad to see when there were customers by putting a small camera in the upstairs window.  That was very helpful because if he was giving a tour of the sheep I would step into the kitchen to greet everyone and tell them about Hazel.  Chris helped me with anything chore that needed to be done and checked on Sadie during the day.  Over 70 people came and many sales were made.  Between sales I was needle felting more leaves.  I am going to make pins out of them.  It was a good day, people enjoyed cider from Pine Hill and cookies.

photo (9)

Looking forward to another day of good sales and many people passing through.  I am always nervous about having people in my house.  The house is old and quirky, needs a kitchen and bathroom do over, the walls aren’t that great and windows are needed.  These are the things I see when I go into my house.  I guess that stems from living in houses that these things have been done.  Other people see the house differently they see it as a cozy, old house and the defects that I see they see them as quant.  It changes my prospective when I do the Crafts.


photo (7)

There was talk of a birthday surprise that Chris has made before they came.  I had no idea what it could be.  It was this hand painted on canvas picture of Sammy.  I love it  and hung it in the dining room.  Many comments on how wonderful it  is were made by customers.


photo (6)

Hazel’s crow is really getting so much better.  He was a star yesterday I think really enjoyed the attention.

I have misplaced my camera, its nothing new for me to misplace my phone or keys but my camera has always been in a certain place.  I hope I find it soon as I really miss it.  The pictures on the bog today are from an Iphone that belongs to Chris.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.  If you live nearby stop in I would love to see you.   Carole



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10 11 2013

Oh Carole, I am so sorry about Emma. She was so young! Do you have any idea what happened or was it like my Maeve? It is the saddest thing. Hope the Crafts of Colraine goes well..it sounds great. I don’t think I will make it today but next week for sure if you have some time. Take care and enjoy your visitors.

14 11 2013

Dont know what happened how about Friday if not then Tuesday?

10 11 2013
Francine Keating

Your Crafts of Colrain display looks wonderful! It sounds as though your home was really warm and inviting with great sights and fragrance. All of us who live in old homes see all of the things that need fixing (there is always something) but everyone else sees the charm, the ambiance of less hectic times. Love the camera idea. Glad Hazel was “king of the roost” with all of those admirers. Good luck Sunday. Hope customers flock (a chicken word seems a propos) to your door. You have terrific items and I know it was a lot of work.

11 11 2013

Good MOrning Fran,,
You are right, all went well, Sunday was a lot slower than Saturday. I may try and do something about that m had repeat business which is always good. Your show is next good luck with that.

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