6 11 2013


On Sunday coming home from the show I drove by my family homestead..  I was glad to see the house and it reminded me of the sense of security, the years of family gatherings and love that the house held..  It was a simple 5 room ranch house build for returning soldiers from World War 2.  A small development of 4 and 5 room homes built on old farmland.  I often wish my Mother had not sold it, but she was living in Florida and felt the need to do so.  Much had been done to the house by my family, a garage and sun porch added with a stone patio with a rock with a  dinosaur print in it., stone walls build by my Uncle and my Grandfather, a large garden area build above the stone wall and every bit  of dirt was sifted and all rocks removed by my Grandfather.  Every year manure was brought from the farm in Chesterfield and dug into the soil.    I had my first garden at age 5 there.  I planted a Christmas tree there from the farm, which was enjoyed many years later, lots of cucumbers which had always been my favorite vegetable and flowers.  Our garden was very large and the cellar was always full of canned fruits and vegetables. Sometimes its good to visit the place where you grew up, remembering all the wonderful times there and family that is now gone, and taking the time to appreciate what I have now.

The Hens,

Winter approaches It’s hard for the hens to get use to the time change.  The hens are just waking up when I feed them.  Even Elliott just doesn’t want to eat that early.  The water pipes to the barn froze and thawed yesterday.  A warning to me that the winter routine is in full force.  It requires 4 trips up and down the stairs when water is needed, 2 to get it on and 2 to shut it off and drain it.  It’s certainly worth it.  Before I used to have to connect a 25 foot hose to the sink and drag the hose upstairs. Cold air sweeping in the house as the door had to be left ajar.  Small changes like that make life easier at the farm.  There was an egg laid today,


I think it was Lucy who laid it.  Yea!!!!!!!!

Last night I took a picture of Sally, really it wasn’t all that cold in the coop but she had puffed herself up just in case.



  She is 12 years old, one of the first hens I got.  She has minded her own business, got away from disagreements and never was on the top of the pecking order, she is a middle of the road gal.


Hazel and I made the trip to Dr. Connor this afternoon.  She and the staff felt he was improved, one side of his chest is cleared up but the other still has some infection in it.  He will be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks.  He is eating better now so I know he on the road to recovery. 


He will be in the house for The Crafts of Colrain,  the large cat carrier sits on the kitchen table.  He will like all the activity and people will be surprised to see a rooster in the house.   I am going to start letting him out for periods starting next week.    Anyway I am glad of the good news.  Mrs. Brown has been lonely and will be glad to see him.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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