1 11 2013


Welcome to WOVEMBER, check out their blog online.  A site devoted to WOOL in all forms.  Wish we had something like that here in the states


It’s after 7am and the morning is dawning.  Soon the time will change and we will lose this special time till next year.  Its unseasonable warm this morning, it will be a good day to plant the garlic, my last planting chore of the year.


Yesterday was my Mother’s 92nd birthday.  Flowers were sent and long talks on the phone,  SHe is much better since moving to Canal View Rest Home where Mary takes loving care of her.  Cindy and I will be visiting her soon. 


I started rug hooking many years ago.  Didn’t stick with it then.  At that time my hands already had arthritis in them and it was hard for me to do it perfectly as was expected in those days.   I quickly gave up a hobby that was only accepted when done a certain way.    Luckily thanks to Deanne Fitzpatrick hooking has changed.  She has encouraged me and others to think outside the box, my art is my art and will be appreciated by artistic people.  I was also lucky to have Met Lisa Merian’s (of SPinners Hill Farm) Mom Marie, she taught me how to hook at the Mass Sheep show and I completed a beautiful chair seat


  It wasn’t perfect as none of my hooking is but she was encouraging me and it helped, and I am grateful that she was there, otherwise I don’t think I would have gone back to it..  I use all mediums when hooking but I like hooking with yarn, roving and fleece best.    More and more people have large stashes of yarn leftover from knitting projects and want to find creative ways to use it up.  It’s a wonderful hobby which lets you be creative.


This Sunday I am going down to view THE FIBER FESTIVAL OF NEW ENGLAND.  I went last year, it’s a show Susan and I are thinking about doing.  There is many vendors that are friends of ours and they attended and like the show .  It’s a big event showcasing sheep and other fiber animals and booths full of yarns, fleece and ready-made products. 


Yesterday I made two draft dodgers for the kitchen window near the wood stove.  I usually buy wool stripping for it but decided to do something more permanent this year.  They are made from the same material that the curtains are made from and filled with balsam.  I plan to make some over the winter for sales next fall.


Many thanks for reading m blog on this warm, humid day.  I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole



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