29 10 2013




You may or may not see a picture of the Salem Cross Inn  I have spent an hours looking for it its suppose to be right here!!!!!!!  Computers!!







Tomorrow is the annual hook-in at the Salem Cross Tavern.  It’s always an event to look forward to.  It fills up within two weeks of being posted.  The cozy tavern offers two floors for hooking a place for vendors and a wonderful lunch.  I just love walking around seeing what other people are hooking and the vendors offer wonderful wools, patterns and primitive things. The weather today is quite chilly with a heavy frost this morning.  Tomorrow it calls for snow showers.  One year the event had to be postponed for a week because of a snow storm.  Last year it was a blustery day with snows.  A wonderful day for hooking at the cozy tavern.  I can’t wait!!!!!!!



6 to 8 months ago I stumbled on a blog about these sheep.  I was stunned and amazed because I have never heard of them.  Upon researching Deb Robson’s book there they were.  I had never heard about them because they are so rare.  The blog is called The Spinning Shepherd and is written by Diane who lives in , France and owns a flock of them.  The Island of Ouessant is the original home of the sheep and is located a little over 12 miles off the French coast.  Her description of visiting the island makes one want to immediately  book a flight to France.  I may put this on my bucket list.  Few have been imported some to England. Now I am hearing that people are trying to get the breed here by breeding back from a Shetland.   Why are they doing that to make a quick buck!  The true breed will always be in France and England.  We cannot import sheep into this country any more so let it go…  I guess we will never be able to stop people from chasing after the dangling carrot that is put in front of them.  But there are so many sheep that need homes and go to slaughter unnecessarily, sheep that are in sanctuaries and taken by animal control in cases of cruelty.  Why not give them a chance instead..    That’s my rant of the month I do get upset when people just care about the almighty dollar and not the long-term effect on the animal. I know first hand what that about.

The hens haven’t quite settled into their coop.  Matilda, the feather footed black hen just isn’t sure about the perches. 






The other 6 hens have settled in and eyes are getting heavy and she is still looking for the perfect place.  So far I have had to place her on the perch.  I am thinking of adding another perch sometime this week.




Hazel goes back to the vets today.  He is improving but Mrs.Brown sure misses him.  I will talk to the vet about that situation.  It may be too cold for him to be back in the barn this year.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold fall day, I hope your day is sunny and warm.   Carole





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