28 10 2013



Yesterday afternoon I worked on the hen-house.  SInce my carpentry skills are poor it takes me much more time to do anything.  But planning out what I wanted to do was an important step.  The hens don’t care if a board is not cut correctly.  They care about comfort. In redoing this coop I was trying to make things interesting so that during the long days of staying indoors there were things to do.  I did make a shelf near the back window for them to sit on, there are two nesting boxes with a third to be put in when there is time.  Their door to the small yard is very secure and easier for me to manage and lock up.

 I have finished it enough yesterday to bring them in.  My Son and I Brought them over one by one last night.  It was a  better time to get them when they were in bed instead of running around the yard chasing them.  Most were screeching but Hester talked all the way over.  It was cozy inside with fresh food and water and a bed of comfortable shavings.  There was much conversation even after the lights went out.


 I checked on them later and several had not gotten onto the perch, I got them up and they settled in.

Hester is a remarkable hen. SHe has had disabilities in her life and has overcome them.



 Her top beak was cut too much at the chick factory , luck was with her as she probably would have been killed because she wasn’t perfect. She did have some trouble eating and drinking but has managed. She is hen with lots to say, and loves to be cuddled and talked to.  I am lucky to have her.


Cornelius was in the barn last night checking out where the noise was coming from. He will be disappointed that there are so treats for him in the hen yard anymore.  One of his nightly stops.  Soon I will be stacking hay in front of the kitchen.  My kitchen is always cold with pipes freezing at the most inconvenient times.  With bales of old hay that reduces the risk of freezing greatly.  I will be sure to leave his entrance uncovered.

Dyeing more wool today

I am dyeing more wool today the dye I made yesterday just wasn’t enough to finish the project.


Betty and her children came for a visit today.  I can’t believe how much they have both grown.


  They are both actively involved in sports which keeps Betty busy.  I don’t know how she manages, I thought I was busy with three children but now there is sports,  a full-time job and several horses to take care of.  We all lead busy lives these days/  I was so glad to see them.














They all enjoyed visiting with Mable, their dog Morgan was her mother.



Hazel is improving slowly each day.  His crow is getting better.  He returns to the Vets on Tuesday.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a wonderful day.    Carole and Minnie




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