26 10 2013


This morning the mountains were shrouded  with a frosty mist.  The outside water bucket was frozen, its time to plug-in the electric bucket.  What a wonderful invention, electric water buckets.  I can remember carrying into the house heavy frozen solid water buckets.  I still do that with the hens.

Rug Hooking and Dyeing Wool

Yesterday while organizing my hooking wools I found this turkey pattern that I started a long time ago.



I have many projects like this as new things come along I put the others aside.  The old things get finished eventually.  I will finish this onE before Thanksgiving.  I have this bag of cut wool which I will dye today with black walnuts ,\IMG_1682











It will be just the right shade of brown for the background.  I have picked up some leaves in the pasture to put on the background.  I am also starting the Gingerbread Men which I plan to have for the Crafts of Colrain.


Lil’s First Birthday

Yesterday was Lil’s first birthday.  She got the knack of opening presents right away and loved digging into the cake.



I can remember my Grandmother telling me that when you get older time flies and it sure does.   My Granddaughter Tea is driving now and Next year Ricky will be driving.  Where did the time go.


I do love my crock pot and days like today I wish I had two of them.  Yesterday a friend dropped off a basket of her russet apples and I want to make applesauce.










  Sadie has applesauce in her food every night.  SHe missed the carrots and apples she was able to chew before she lost some of her teeth.  The applesauce sort of makes up for that..  I love applesauce myself so we will both enjoying it.  I am just paring and coring the apples and putting some water in the crock pot,  Leaving them to cook for 4-5 hours and not adding any sugar as these apples are sweet enough.


Hazel is improving ever so slowly, the infection must have been deep in his little body.

I am working on getting the hens in today, They were huddled together last night .

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope your day was wonderful..   Carole



3 responses

27 10 2013
Anne Wilson

Um! those apples look good enough to eat, I struck gold yesterday at the farmers market and managed to get a good lot of apples for winter storage, more to come next week as well. My hunt is over.

27 10 2013

Those apples are very sweet so no sugar was needed. How do you store your apples? My parents used to store them in the basement which was dry and cool. There is no such place in this house. So glad you got your winters supply.

28 10 2013
Anne Wilson

If they are perfect they are wrapped individually in newspaper and then stored in a box in the coolest bedroom in the cottage, we do have barns but if we get a cold winter they might freeze or we might forget them. The imperfect ones will be bottled, I think you call it canning. I used a pound today and made an apple spiced cake with cardamoms, lovely!

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