22 10 2013


It’s a cool morning here and I am glad the heat is on, the house is cozy .  Much to do today, unpacking the car and getting thing s put away. I need to make the door for the back coop today so that this weekend or before they can be moved inside.  And Hazel goes to the Vet.  A Vet in Northampton who takes care of hens and roosters.


This poster was in my mailbox when I arrived home on Sunday night.


 The power plant is closing next year I will be so glad but the danger  will not be over for many many years.  I know there are many people who approve of nuclear power but most of them do not live near a plant.  I am in the danger zone, just a few hundred feet from the safety zone.  I am constantly reminded of this, mailings come, testing of the emergency horn every week right near my house.  I have asked to be removed from their list but of course no reply. Pretty calenders peppered with information about what to do when something happens to the plant, where to go etc, some people think these calenders are so lovely with old pictures of all the towns to be evacuated, really folks thing about it if something does happen you will loose everything you own, compensation for your property is so low that you wouldn’t be able to buy a garage!, I will have to be dragged away from here.  I have my animals to think of.


I am almost finished with the border and hope to get the piece done soon.  


I plan to do another one only with primitive  flowers in the center.  Many people have  asked for the pattern so I think that I will make up a kit for the flowered one.  I have really enjoyed working on it, I was also asked to make up kits for the angry pumpkin which I will do over the winter.


Yesterday I set up a bird house near the computer window.


 Its not the Church birdhouse that need restoration during the winter and will be ready for spring.  This pumpkin is growing on the bushes, I am going to take it down this morning before it falls to the ground.



My son and I spotted him last night checking out the hill in back of his house.  It was chilly and he was all fluffed out.  He will live the winter by himself and then in the spring look for a mate.  I hope he will stick around after that but who knows.  It has been a delight having him here, the mice population is gone and its been interesting seeing how he operates.  Its been a wonderful thing for my grandchildren to view such an animals so close and realize if no harm is done to him and he is not scared he will not spray.  He is used to the flow of people and animals here at the farm and sense no fear from us.




We are back from the vet and Hazel did very well on the car ride and in the vet’s office  He was a hit, everyone thought he was great.  He was their first rooster patient.  They gave him some fluids and some stronger antibiotics and I think he will be fine.  His crow is coming back a  little today.   Many thanks to all the PVCA people for helping me find a vet and their words of wisdom.

Many thanks for reading my blog today, I hope you had a lovely day.   Carole and Minnie




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22 10 2013

Hi Carole, welcome home. Who is the Vet in Northampton who treats hens? Just in case. Hope your show went well. Patti

22 10 2013

Its Doctor COnnor at Northampton Vets on South Street. They have treated many hens before but he was the first Rooster. The show was good but tiring, now I have everything to put away. There are quite a few vets who treat chickens at least 2 in Amherst. HOw are your hens. DId you solar get put in?

22 10 2013

The girls are fine, though Amber is still not laying and still losing and growing feathers. The others are also losing feathers but to as many and they are laying though not every day. The solar panels are coming. It is a long process I guess. They are scheduled to be installed in December. And then it takes a couple of weeks for the connection to the grid. They should be up and running just I time for the shortest day! Oh well, it will still be good to have them.

22 10 2013

I don’t know Dr. Connor but Northampton Veterinary is where I take Fergus and Merlin…where Merlin was found. Good to know I can bring the girls there if I need to….hope you can rest up and recover from the show. See you soon. Patti

22 10 2013

Oh, almost forgot. Glad to hear Hazel is doing better.

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