21 10 2013



The show offers the opportunity to meet and talk with people from all walks of life and health.  I demonstrated hooking with yarn the whole two days and had a lot of interest.  Most people who come to the show have stashes of yarn and wool. A wonderful woman who I had met on  a chicken meet up in the spring came up to me and asked me how Hazel was, how nice of her to spend the time looking me up at the fair.  I find shows to be an uplifting experience, my friend Lisa M. said it so well, people all coming together for one common thing, wool.  From the very young to the very old the Show holds something for everyone, I love the opportunity to share my love of sheep, spinning hooking and all things wool with everyone.

Many of us in are now in our 60’s and 70’s and even through the 80’s and  are still keeping sheep and doing some shows.  We are lucky to have the help and support from our families and friends.   I noticed in the Premier catalog a few things that will help us seniors keep doing what we are doing, one of them is on my list of things to get eventually.  It is a metal basket that you gently back your sheep into and push them into, it holds them firmly and tips them so you could give them shots and trim their feet.  I love the idea.  Another thing that I saw at the fair was a plastic walkway for sheep to get into a truck.  It folds up I helped a woman my age give the sheep a nudge up the walkway.  No more clumsy boards or heavy metal walkways.

I did meet a wonderful lady, Ann who raises Border Cheviot’s and Shetland Sheep both small manageable sheep.  We had a lovely talk and I could tell she really cares about her sheep trying to keep the breeding lines true to the breed.  Here are some pictures of her sheep.




























I am more educated about the sheep I would love to have these days and would have never taken Sally or Lucy, now I love them and will keep them till their final days but they are huge sheep and were bred without the thought of how their lives would be.  They will probably not live past the age of 9 because of their breeding.   It’s sad for them as they will have health issues.  If sheep are breed true to the breed there have less health issues. 










Susan sells vintage clothing, wonderful hats and lots of yarn plus many other wonderful antiques and things.  SHe does her own silk screening and we are doing more projects together this coming year.  And a few more shows.  Her booth is always cozy and inviting.













A tent was set up right outside our barn to raise money for rescue Border Collies.  Cassie is 10 and couldn’t walk, the group raised the money and she is their ambassador.  

Meet Merlin the Leicester Longwool


Many thanks for reading my blog this morning I am happy to be back on the farm.  Hope you have a wonderful day, Carole and Minnie





2 responses

21 10 2013
Anne Wilson

It sounds as though you had a wonderful time and a chance to meet up with old friends. I loved your previous post about the early morning wake up call, an alarm clock! Glad to see you are back on the farm, I guess the cats will have missed you.

22 10 2013

I am glad to be back too, how is the new Kitty? Yes when we stay at hotels or motels we count on wake up calls to get us up and going, the alarm clock didn’t work out as there were no outlets near the bed and I couldn’t hear it!

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